Relax the muscle fascia, first pay attention to the point of massage tools

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-08
The national fitness, all sorts of muscle relaxation equipment are also popular, and the massage roller, massage ball, massage gun is the most common. Physical therapist reminds, the massage device does have the effect of relax the muscle fascia, but remember to not dozen apophysis and neurovascular pool, not too much pain, still want to extend, can achieve the best effect and cause no harm. When some massage products exaggerated false these popular massage tools that can achieve certain muscle relaxation effect, including massage roller is suitable for large area; Massage ball to emphasis on a small scale; Gun is similar to the massage ball, massage is more efficient to through mechanical shock. More worrying is see some items that massage massage roller or ball better bumps, or as a massage gun can promote cycle and exercise performance, these are exaggerated false claims. Should be low power works in muscle full place after motion is swelling or tight, mechanical press, rolling pressure, vibration, in addition to stimulate mechanical receptors in the muscle, relaxes muscles to achieve a certain degree of, also can squeeze some space between the muscle and fascia, untied with pleurodesis, promote the flow of fluid, help muscle contraction sliding more smoothly. Note that these massage tools should be applied in the location of the muscle is the most full, collection and avoid bone ridges important blood vessels and nerves, lest cause bleeding or nerve damage, such as legs, armpits, neck, eye socket, knee nest, are not suitable. Low massage strength at tolerable range another massage strength to properly, the ache to be within the scope of the bearable, feeling is more and more slow, more and more not painful. Cause too much pain if the strength is too high, can make muscles instead defensive contraction, according to the instead more tight. If there is pain, headache, body parts, paralysis, or watch get obvious deformation, such as swelling or sag may musculoskeletal have been injured, also can not massage, should seek professional assessment and assist as soon as possible. Massage is a passive pressure, stretching is the contraction of the muscles active, the purpose is different, cannot replace each other. Suggest muscles taut, poor flexibility, workout a little massage first, then do stretching, promote the relaxation of muscle contraction and sliding. Reprint please indicate the: massage gun guide to relax the muscle fascia, first pick attention to massage tool point 0)
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