Relax artifact massage gun really works?

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-04
Arrogant last year, a so-called can relax muscle and fascia of deeper and more accurate massage gun, become many white-collar workers buy web celebrity products. Many young people take as 'artifact' relaxing massage gun, to their own body wanted. Lao wang saw the reports, however, the doctor said: massage guns as a kind of physical therapy equipment, is not entirely without side effects, or be careful to use. Does have some role in muscle relaxation massage gun: it is through the reinforcement principle of conjunctiva, and to relax the muscle conjunctival, relax, after it reaches a certain relaxation effect, some intermediate and his principle of classics and its circulation principle. Can achieve a muscle relaxation, nerve relax, even adjusting the joint role. In fact, according to the feedback of friends said: in the hospital also has similar to massage gun devices, called chiropractic gun. See massage guns on the market, most is a modified electric hammer or percussion drill products, at present also belongs to new things, and no specific specifications. Massage gun use of qualification, professional operation, are there should be a very strict training, after all, it is the direct effect on the human body. On safety is not guaranteed, massage gun after use, whether certain relaxed relaxed, not so massage gun technology content is not to know. Vaguely remember when the choose and buy online massage gun, inquired about the relevant sales personnel, her reply was massage gun can be used in any parts of the body, without any side effects, can use at home after the purchase. Lao wang is here, massage guns as a kind of physical therapy equipment, is not entirely without side effects. Get your massage gun disorderly 'play', is likely to 'play' problem. In the Lao wang remind everybody: massage gun is only applicable to muscle tissue, like neck, XiongFuQiang, axillary such muscle thickness thin, close to the organs and the part of the aorta, must be careful. Also in the use of massage gun, must see the instruction manual or right using method, in order to prevent the excessive use of the opposite effect. Reprint please indicate the: relax artifact of gun guide massaging the gun really works? 0)
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