Recommend the choose and buy: massage gun speed is higher, the better?

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-02
Recently a friend asking about massage gun when the choose and buy, the speed is higher, the better? Lao wang is mentioned in the article also before, but is just a word. Lao wang details today about the massage speed gun thing to say. Can you see on the big electric business platform price less massage, on the other hand, more than 100 yuan, more than 3000 guns, there are so much difference prices. Foreign brands massage gun price generally above 1500 yuan, while domestic under 1500 yuan. To be honest, Lao wang think foreign brands more or less will exist the possibility of premium, homebred brand instead of massage is really worth of gun, the price is between 500 to 1500. May have looked at massage friend doubt why gun in basic functions and configuration are much fewer, domestic massage gun might also is larger than that of abroad on the function, such as bluetooth connection. But why the price differ so much. Even in a treasure 39 yuan can buy a brand as the mechanic massage gun, 39 yuan what price you want, you need what quality assurance! And massage on the gun on its speed range from 2800 to 9800 turn! Alone speed this item, if it really is the businessman puts it in this range, the merchants can really want kui dead! But is there really such a high speed? Massage first gun after several generations of its product upgrading, speed highest mark is 3200 RPM, THERAGUNG3PRO maximum speed is 2400 RPM, thrust up to 27 kg, the two well-known foreign brands of its maximum speed control in 3000 turn around! But the instrument internal use brushless motor within a reasonable speed, the thrust is secured, that is good quality massage gun to publish or perish to meat you feel! But the price is in 100 yuan, or massage function fancy gun, like a child in give you a massage, always feel where is wrong! Don't talk to Lao wang 'stubborn', 39 yuan Lao wang has thrown away! In summary, you massage gun when the choose and buy, don't look at the speed of how high, annotation in 5000 turn above is false. Don't believe it, you can count every minute speed ( You didn't also the way) 。 Massage, therefore, the speed of the gun is not the higher the better, the speed control in the 3000 revolutions have limit! Update: the highest speed at 3200 r/min per massage gun is the best speed! Reprint please indicate the: massage gun guidelines recommend the choose and buy: massage gun rotation speed, the higher the better? 25)
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