Recent three most popular massage guns

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-06
A2E massage gun A2E biggest advantage in its cost-effective positioning, including 3 gear vibration model, amplitude by 1800 - massage 3200 RPM, gradually achieve deep massage, running low noise design at the same time, also reducing the fever. With 24 v rechargeable lithium battery, a single charge time to reach a minimum of 2 hours. Random equipped with four kinds of massage head, according to different muscles, or the need for deep massage, frame 1. 1 kg of portable portable, easy to receive. Cost-effective, with its functional, suitable for early motion in order to use. Mini mute orientation is different from the general massage massage gun gun workouts, Mini is geared to the needs of family and the people in the office, the lightweight design, ontology is only 800 g for carrying no burden; And you have low noise operation mode. To reduce the disturb of the surroundings. Mini massage strength expected milder, therefore, in another advantage is to extend the battery life, achieve a charge, can run for 7 hours with special slow mode, 30 s 'x 3 times frequency vibration massage, massage with family daily life is convenient to use, with explanation of the buffer gas plug soothing massage head, let face computer for a long time, lack of physical exercise, and used the housework tired relieve muscle soreness. Pro 3 gun positioning to deep massage massage professional advanced Pro 3 gun, tie-in and adjust the impact strength of the second generation of variable pressure control system, provides the highest level 4 3300 turn breadth and 30 adaptive strength sensor. 12 mm pulse amplitude, make the whole massage gun can explode 15 kg of highest continuous pressure, and strong penetrating power, massage effect to the deep muscles. Love activists to greater demands of the training, but also often are confused because the muscle and fascia tight. Pro 3 enclose as many as six replacement massage head, can be more delicate massage on muscle relax. Use 20 minutes a day after training, life can be continuous use about half a month. Reprint please indicate the: massage gun guide to recent three relatively hot massage gun 3)
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