Radiation electric massage guns have a harm to human body?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Due to massage gun will generate electromagnetic waves, some say pregnant women use can cause abortion, birth deformities after bad consequences, such as environment, experts say, because there is no international electromagnetic miscarriages, etc, but for the nip in the bud, pregnant women should be careful to contact electromagnetic wave products. Gun just general electric, massaging the gun of radiation than ordinary electromagnetic waves, this can't avoid, as long as it is electrical appliances have radiation, and no obvious influence to the human body, there is no ordinary electromagnetic wave can affect the body's evidence. Note: although the effect of massage guns have eliminate fatigue, but not everyone is suitable for use. Gorger, alcohol or fatigue are not suitable for use, heart disease, hypertension and osteoporosis patients also should not be used, because massage massage ball rolled gun can accelerate blood circulation, easy to cause heart disease and other conditions. The bone itself is for patients with osteoporosis calcium deficiency state, easy to deterioration after long press, and even cause fracture. In addition, because generally for full-body massage massage gun, local skin damage and TB patients, unfavorable also use, so as to avoid aggravating illness. For more massage gun related knowledge, please baidu search massage small gun to pay! !
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