Problem summary, periarthritis of shoulder massage can use guns?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-27
Everybody is good, in order to better disambiguation Lao wang in the open for everyone to collect all the column in the use of massage the problems in the gun, and solutions. Q1。 Why can't osteoporosis with massage gun? A: use common sense to answer, you have osteoporosis, still dare to use massage to gun? The amplitude of current massage gun between 2000 to 3000 RPM, and their own strength is very big. In using massage massage to relax gun at ordinary times, we are all one hand touch for muscle weakness, massage a gun is to avoid damage to the bone, but that will also make mistakes, to bone. No matter, why can't use your osteoporosis, first strike once mistakes on bone bone fracture will be playing, I'm afraid! So, with osteoporosis friend or don't use massage massage gun! Q2。 Massage guns belong to special equipment? A: now, massage gun was already does not belong to special equipment. One of the most important is: like office white-collar workers due to keep the poor posture for a long time the waist muscle fatigue, occupational disease, shoulder muscle stiffness and so on office after using massage massage to relax gun, the effect of massage and massage into the shop with he curative effect, etc. So, massage guns belong to the public products, it is estimated that will is the manifestation of the hands, massage for gun for muscle relaxation, smooth the blood circulation of the highest efficiency, low cost. Premise condition is that the correct use method and matters needing attention, Lao wang in the massage use should pay attention to place in the gun has the explanation, we might as well go and have a look! 第三季。 Massage a gun can be used on the neck? A: why don't ask 'can use on the throat? ', the massage gun can be used in the shoulder and neck, but be very careful when massage to relax, at the same time use the massage head finally is flat head or is with the head of the air cushion, and its use does not want too big, the natural strength. 第四季度。 Gun massaging the calf with what? Answer: in massage legs, use the spherical head or flat head is ok, see your be fond of. If there is a massage for gun do not know how to use different massage heads, you can see: the massage massage head in different shapes of the gun should be how to use? ', this article has introduced in detail. Q5. Massage a gun can relieve the periarthritis of shoulder? A: can't. You must first know what massage gun? It's called the 'muscle fascia relaxation massage gun ( English name Fascia gnu) ', its role is to relax muscle fascia; And periarthritis of shoulder joint soft tissue inflammation, is a disease. You don't confuse. Ok, that is today about massage gun summarize the relevant problems and solutions in use. Reprint please indicate the: massage problem summary of gun guide: periarthritis of shoulder massage can use guns? 18)
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