Pro2 muscle relaxation massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-06
Words as early as four or five years ago, is not widespread massage gun s, Lao wang gun of brand purchase in advance way for massage, the novelty and convenience is really unprecedented. With the concept of relax muscle and fascia widely is passed, the relaxation of the various equipment developed have sprung up. Price from high to low, from NBA superstar endorsement to C/P value table of domestic brands, it is easy to be on the market to search. The gun again have the opportunity to use the second life on massage, feeling the first to say with you: jaw-dropping! To pricing the price of 1000 yuan, have so of efficiency and quality can say quite a surprise. Let pharaoh share Pro2 highlights and feeling to everyone & # 8230; 。 Point 1:4 case electricity for three hours last words is three hours of electricity, but because it is too great, the power grid is often away quickly, but the previous H brand massage gun has the limitation of single 30 minutes of continuous use, the power life of feel very good! Point 2: shock strength of super 9 segment density control period of vibration strength, is not because the increase in the number, because of the increasing frequency and to reduce the degree of depth of feeling, is required to enhance strength, compared with 3 H card period of strength, triumph! According to the individual different tolerance and the depth of the muscle group, make slight adjustment. ( Sweet little reminder, massage is not the pain, the better, a little acid was a bit uncomfortable is the strength of the best, don't by muscle more and more tightly) Point 3: to adapt to the whole body muscle group five different depth and surface fitting of 5 kinds of massage head apply different muscle groups and massage way, this way to illustrate the round head: iliac muscle bundle of surrounding fascia and muscle, level horizontal pushing a mild way, to reduce pain, relax. Pointed warhead, hip and so on deep and thick muscles, can be said to be enough than artificial finger pressing force, is wang's favorite connectors. Round flat head: calf was sensitive nerve muscle group, as long as gently touch will feel very pain, round flat head is perfect. On either side of the fork head: spinal muscle group is the most comfortable and most in need of relaxation place, whether it's on the back under the acid or back, looking for a wife a good chance to take revenge XD through the old finishing whether want to place an order immediately to a? The final conclusion and heartfelt words, as a result of Pro2 for strong strength, had a higher number, the other part in the handle has the design of the growth. In actual use, if it is a petite female friend or the palm of your hand and grip strength smaller users, on the one hand with the vibration of the reaction can significantly larger, suggestion is hands to use or control section number would be more appropriate. Reprint please indicate the: massage Pro2 muscle relaxation massage gun gun guide? 0)
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