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by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Do not look down upon the results of 1 chair massage gun manufacturers say we all have a bicycle when I was a child's experience at that time, every family has a bike father always ride it with our move back and forth on the path in the country or the wind dashed down or it is a good picture in the back seat in the childhood memories of us, as long as raised his head can see father's broad back it let us firm: no matter what difficulties as long as hiding behind his father's yi obscured Mr Zhu zi-qing in outside of the article in the 'shadow' wrote: 'looks to his father and the fat body mouch to railway track, hard to climb over the appearance of the platform is difficult to buy back the vermilion oranges, but look at the in the mind very easily read this one act, every time always tearful father is this, this is the father he always silently silent accompany in your side with double for you hold up one day before 1 array have 1 very famous Thai movie called the sister geeta compete wrestling with his father, after my sister said to sister, 'isn't you of jis is better than him, but my father is old. You more and more, but dad just get older. 'hear the words, how many people are there in tears we grow, experiencing the life suantiankula for those repeated small mood sad worry immersed in his joys and sorrows suddenly found that: once the like a strong father I do not know when the youth time, steal and health bing xin said, father is silent if you feel that is not a father is always as a father too quietly let you perceive a father out of deep love is diminutive figure is dyed snow double temples, is the vicissitudes of life is 1 all silent love eye, perhaps, for his father, and you say when you grow up when you are free, waiting for you to have money but, time is fleeting, love and tide wait for no man this father's day, health and love should not be absent! With dad 1 up to sit well! Spinoza guard father's day gift A6L - fresh 1 love affection chair, and great father! Systemic three-dimensional airbags surrounded by parcel, muscles, fatigue three-step space force, as people to health more and more apparent, equipment as people increasingly into 1 family. From the chair, as 1 meter, the yuan, a few yuan, many people in the home, these devices are now. In these devices, chair become family. People tired, sitting on a household chair, listen to music to relax, this is rest. Don't look down on a chair, sitting on long-term assignments and study of people, made up of blood, improve the lumbar acid back, etc, also can you improve sleeping quality. But how to buy your product has a lot of knowledge. What are major function 1 chair. Back: mechanical arm after modeled after kneading, shaking, refers to the method of pressure, such as division, on the whole back, after a mechanical arm up and down or so useful around before and after the adjustment of spinal movement and activity each spine and ligaments and allows you to get in the comfortable back. 2. Kneading: chair common kneading organization can imitate the architect kneading, on your back muscles to traction, kneading, kneading, influence on muscle in soft, and some parts are different intensity of kneading, and muscle fiber elastic recovery, to speed up the blood. 3. Shake function: chair after natural light shaking, adjust the spine, around activities each spine and ligaments and correcting spine, influence of sympathetic, and c into the blood, etc. 4. Built-in refers to the pressure roller pressure: chair, at certain acupuncture points to the strength of the human body, imitate the division method, the complex of acupuncture points back pressure, useful affect the human body acupuncture point, make the circulation of the blood g smoothly, increase the human body. 5. Oscillation, chair of the oscillation function, through the vibrator, can continue to oscillation wave, c into the blood capillary, tired. 6. Hip pressure belt, allows you to get fully in comfortable. Chair cushion big leg built-in air pressure equipment, kneading, on big legs and hips for acid exhaustion, c into the blood. Want to know other information, please pay attention to our guangdong ( Yangjiang) Spinoza electronic technology co. , LTD. , leg pressure: chair leg organization built-in airbags, distribution in the beside the two side of the leg, can be in when to soft thigh strong kneading, kneading, and then the legs feel tired acid. 8. View function: refers to the chair t set up double electric apparatus, back of the chair can be adjusted according to users' personal love arbitrary assignments with foot viewpoint, to the satisfaction of arbitrary attitude, let you can j so sit on chair, can lay down force. 9. Electronic timing function: built-in microcomputer chip electronic timing function of the chair a variety of timer function. When beginning, electronic timer, time stopped, chair downtime actively, so as to avoid because of the excessive physical discomfort. 1. Active programs: with active program chairs, imitate the division method, formulate the corresponding active program, application of high-tech skills is stored in the microcomputer chip, it can take the initiative to drive device, different method. The user can choose the corresponding active program, will bring you comfortable comfortable, relaxed. Next article: massage gun manufacturers about buying an article on the chair to do the following procedure: gun manufacturers choose what electric massage chair is suitable
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