Often waist sour backache? Wang to teach you how to relax muscle and fascia maintain!

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-20
Muscle soreness is modern common problems, such as: office workers sit in the office all day staring at a computer for too long, long time to maintain a posture, tight and sore occurs; Fascia relaxed after exercise can effectively shorten, muscle soreness the next day. Whether it is a poor posture of pain or soreness after movement, if not handling well, accumulates into bad consequences in the long term. A few introduce below relax muscle and fascia and maintenance, you always take good care of your body: a draw steel brace, stretch ligament is not what we commonly known as 'jin', but the fascia around the muscles and tendons, stretch brace do stretching movements is by some particular Angle, to help increase the ductility and elastic muscle, warm up before exercising can avoid sports injuries, sports in the middle of the moderate exercise, and relax after exercise can shorten the pain time, sedentary and simple stretch brace can slow down the waist sour backache. Roller relaxation using cylinder to loosen soft tissue, make long-term sedentary people relax tight body, movement forward roll roll, increase flexibility to achieve efficient warm up, also reduce the risk of injury, training after a roll, roll to agglomerate muscle stretch properly, and eliminate the accumulation of lactic acid, massage for delayed onset muscle soreness is also helpful. Three, massage relaxation massage his usual gun can only on the surface, through the massage gun can press to the deep structure to help muscle lactic acid eduction, promote the blood circulation; Deep tissue massage can deep fascia, muscles, bones, more effective reduce muscle tight ache, deep muscle repair. Four, fascia professional relax though, massage gun can press to deep tissues, but some parts by less than or by does not reach the designated position, this is where the fascia of professional help, you can relax more can get stress relief effect. Reprint please indicate the: massage gun guide often waist sour backache? Wang to teach you how to relax muscle and fascia maintain! 1)
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