Obligate wants to give massage massage gun manufacturers about home gun of space

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Obligate wants to give massage massage gun manufacturers about home gun of space? As people know, chair as natural device is widely popular among people, but to buy the home chair, is still one needs to consider some homework, chair of the volume is too small, but as the household devices, fine and there are no big separation and sofa, needs to take up 1 some space in the home. So to see how household chair placed under 1 home guest ~ after buy chair, obligate wants to give the corresponding space in the home of a chair put are placed around the sofa, so can in time to watch TV, do time nor too boring, of course, if you want to do to blow in the wind, through a gas, can also place the chair in the balcony, or the chair is put in the guest is larger in the local. Chair placed environment is also very to, already placed in steam humidity higher local, will chair the local with direct sunshine, high temperature. Chair is placed in a dry and ventilated, inside the bedroom environment of the bm sun exposure, such can bm chair premature oxidation, chair of the using and using life. Also needs maintenance care chair, chair is a cut move, is due to the chair of the planning, equipment is also more cluttered, itself weight and small size, so, try to cut the chair lift, also is the good maintenance of chair structure, so after buy chair, is the chair placed as well. Chair is good timing of finishing homework, in the chair of the finishing homework, can use soft clean dry cloth, brush or a vacuum cleaner and other cleaning equipment to remove chair of hair, with a soft cloth moistened with warm water after clean appearance of seat leather and the related parts, stubborn stains, can use the detergent qudiao besmirch, reoccupy clear water is clean, then dry with a clean dry cloth do part of the job, it might have something to do. Anton chair put this common sense and hope to help to us. 1. Mat mat is small of the back, hips and neck of the role of the chair, most of them on a chair or sofa used above, and because of the small multi-function so deeply people's love. Pad is the power of the machinery extrusion force and rolling effect, human is able to unblock, the qi and blood, the balance of the body, so, you can feel alive and muscle after fine shape up, fatigue, body health is very f to function. For driving and sitting for a long time to work, can make blood becomes f often flow, the disease and the effect of lumbar acid back, sleep quality had the very big t rise, the body of fatigue, exercise our body health, and the position. 2. Pad to use mat t is refers to the pressure, slapping and beat the method of three. Microcomputer can be controlled, the second clock timing functions can be done, and design is often light f f often fit inside the office, car and home use. Elastic and with fixed method is often suitable for chairs, f can be one's own body also can do lie near the pad, pad can start to work, then in accordance with the select key parts, such as the back, legs, waist, neck and shoulder parts can be selected, such as five parts, of course, also can work at the same time. And some pad is f often diverse, at home to use, or inside the car also can be used, because like this words at the time of driving fatigue can also. Want to know other information, please pay attention to our guangdong ( Yangjiang) Spinoza electronic technology co. , LTD. , the function of cushion to introduce the product there is a heating device is a temperature controller, is to balance for temperature yx, shoulder, back and waist muscle, the body acupuncture point symmetry kneading. The pad can also has a c into the function of the blood inside body, muscle acid, adjust the self-discipline, the metabolism. The four seasons are all can use. 4. Mat mat type neck refers to design the z portal for neck products, are all acid in the muscles of the neck and blood have yi set role; And the waist cushion, his design is novelty, eight infrared head for strain of lumbar muscles is a very good c f; Is the combination of both the home and car mat, can be directly put in office chair or sofa mat used above, the back is there are multiple and infrared heating function, for fatigue and blood have the effect that yi set, in this at the same time or can be up and down the neck, back and shoulders, neck yes head to neck may be from inside to outside. Next article: massage gun an article on how to choose and buy: demand about massage gun, also gradually, chair of the mall will be one by one
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