Muscle relaxation good mate: gun vibration massage?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-22
Muscle pain is the most commonly encountered in modern, working pressure big, less movement, sitting in an office all day to maintain the same posture for a long time, stiff neck fatigue and go the next day after the gym muscle acid to blasting, it is hard to act all day, whether it is a poor posture of muscle soreness or muscular pains after exercising, not good processing, in the long run will be accumulated into undesirable consequences, so the appropriate massage is a good way to muscle relaxation. Massage in addition to the general massage shop, at home and have a convenient massage massage machine? Now everyone is holding a massage gun is super in after the movement, immediately pull gun on muscle, can let your muscles relax, improve blood circulation, relieve strained muscle, accelerate the return to fitness! The king want to share with you the speed gun HY - vibration massage After 10501, movement, or hiking relax little helper! In addition to the host, and charging and six detachable massage head massage head can choose a lot ~ for different muscle and scope to do choose to use! Host is at the bottom of the battery switch features a high performance brushless motor, persistent! First use of charging 6 hours can be used to charge can be used after 7 ~ 15 hours for the interface has three automatic mode, are slow and fast relief, earthquake relief is applicable to general fascia to relax, rapid relief model suitable for moderate exercise or warm-up, earthquake model is suitable for the high intensity exercise slow ~ and another four gears dynamic display of the variable frequency vibration level 4 strength! Here's more intelligent power indicator lights can be used to close the reminder! In addition to use an unexpected discovery that sound not very loudly! It has high frequency mute technology, let you to use not interference! I like to use it to massage the quadriceps muscle and relieve my ~ neck ache when also can not ask for their own use loose! Like this massage is inductive a five to ten minutes! I think the back part of the help more conveniently to use feeling is great! Suggest you also can find family or lover to help you ~ than hand massage hands ache to no, this is more efficient to more inductive! You're looking for a suitable relaxation massage gun after exercise? Finally also remind everyone to use if you have any question can also consult your exclusive physical therapist! Brand: name: speed gun vibration massage models: HY - Size: 10501 length 25 x width 6. 5 x 16 high. 5 cm voltage: 26 v power: 40 w weight: 1 kg of origin: China reprint please indicate the: massage muscle relaxation of gun guide good companion: gun vibration massage? 1)
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