Mother's day to send health, why want to choose the massage machine gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Time flies, the annual mother's day is coming, a child, a lot of people are thinking how to express the love for his mother. Although each person has a different choice, but to a mother's love is the same. Mom on mother's day gift, health is the preferred, but also can't make do. Just think, parents worry for their children for a lifetime, but always ignore your needs. Parents healthy body, spirit, eat well, sleep well, children can see out. Send a massage gun, add a weight to the health of the parents, let them better abetted. If you choose a in myriad massage gun products, first 'A8L - 3 d”。 Why the preferred massage massage gun gun why advice to get for my mother? Authority, according to the current our country the proportion of sub-health population has reached 70%, more than 900 million people, and massage with massage health care, is China's traditional Chinese medicine project, because of its old and young all appropriate, application range is very wide. Therefore, in recent years, more and more people choose to buy massage gun, intention is obvious: relieve fatigue, show filial obedience parents, gifts. Among them, the highest percentage, relieve fatigue occupy to 37%. Massage gun indeed can achieve this function, the use of mechanical rolling force and mechanical force extrusion to massage, massage can feel the muscles relax, flexible joints, energizing, eliminate fatigue, play an important role to ensure the body health. This is a fully functional head comfortable to the foot, massage a populist price gun. Came home and went to massage gently down on the gun, the work mode, 'artificial massage therapist' opened from cervical to thoracic vertebra, to the lumbar spine, comfortable from the start to the thigh, complete liberation hands. From the head can enjoy personal massage to the thigh, not every brand have function. Thanks to some combination of ergonomics research and development of 'SL' type space curved rail technology, massage distance is about 135 cm, guide rail length is longer, massage the area covered by a broader, help maintain the human body vertebra curvature of 'S' shape, relax the spine. As if place oneself 'space' massage the choose and buy a gun, intimacy is very important. Even on how to do not appear in the home position, all think. Abandoned the traditional massage gun need reserved space against the wall, almost can achieve 'zero space', and more human. Its another magic, can let you as if place oneself 'space'. After startup 'zero gravity model', let the body and between your legs is in 126 degrees elevation, the location of the thighs and legs above the part of the heart. When do these actions, the gravity of the human body each part completely transferred to massage evenly, the body pressure released in full, in the 'weightless' condition, completely relaxed and free of body and mind. Heat treatment pedicure readily available through massage to relax. Lying on the massage the gun, and press the start button, the back will be gradually hot up, this is 40 ° C - - - 50 ° C temperature, is stimulating qi hai, ridge in the cave of shenshu point acupuncture points, greatly ease the feeling stiff and sore back, promote metabolism. At home can also pedicures. Put the gun in the legs in massage, can place a variety of shapes of airbags, pressure, through the intelligent control package leg, ankle and foot points, press, kneading, scrapping and other interactive physical therapy, never leave home, enjoy the new therapy experience. This multi-functional massage gun, there are a lot of selling points. Such as leg infinite expansion function, can according to different users' height and leg massage feet adjust at length, the largest scale, about 15 cm to ensure that the whole body massage can be brought to a close. The world's most can't wait is filial piety the parents. Filial piety, lifetime is not over, we have the ability, mother was still alive, as far as possible more love and care for her, let her have healthy body. A8L - 3 d, to redefine the traditional massage guns. With this massage gun, won't you still worry about mother's day gift?
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