More than 20000 jin of college students with high body fat can use massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-05
There was a college students appeared to be a friend to see in the [ Massage guns too much harm] Article, DMS oldwang: want to ask, I am a college student, but his weight 200 jins, height 180 cm, recently in a variety of exercise the purpose is to brush can lower your body fat, I can use massage my gun? First want to say is, height 180, weight 200 jins, is indeed the body fat rate is a little high, is bound to movement as soon as possible, will brush low body fat. To want to say is, a lot of people don't know where to get the message say massage gun can be to lose weight. This conclusion is a bit ridiculous, any weight loss is carried out through the 'gap' heat, vernacular is: the quantity of heat of the human body to obtain as much heat. Tube shut up, more exercise! You can say massage gun shape, the Lao wang is not against. Nearly two hundred jins weight can use massage gun? Can, if you just used to brush in body fat after exercise, use massage to relax release myofascial gun, that can be completely; That said if you want to achieve the effect of weight loss through massage gun, that you forget it! Standing in article [ Massage gun using the principle is what? ] Still have a good look at. Before have a friend come from sports school, is now a junior high school teacher of physical education, it is often for those students with massage gun for basketball team to relax after high intensity exercise, effect is very obvious. However, a friend money is thick, used by professional version is a PLUS. Reprint please indicate the: massage more than 20000 catties of gun guide college students with high body fat can massage the gun? 2)
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