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mini massage gun

mini massage gun


Today, our manager participated in the teacher of Jin Daocuo to participate in the "Explosion Strategy" Shenzhen District activity. It is very honored that our company's new mini massage gun was selected as the future trend and potential explosive product.

So, what is an explosive product?In this activity, Mr.Jin Daocuo explained that the explosive product is the main sales of the enterprise and the main source of profit of the enterprise.From the perspective of the platform, the explosive product refers to beating the competitors on the same business track.

1.Explosive products are actually the products that cause a strong response among consumers.Explosion products may be a single product, or may be a series of products, are born at the right moment in the Internet era!

2.The reason why hot style can sell explosion is because it also has some core elements. If this product cannot outperform competitors and is a product with not large enough weight, you will find that we can not become Explosive.

3.Explosive products should have the characteristics of drainage trend and industry trend.The so-called trend is not been recognized before, paid attention to, or in a temporary has not been valued in a small channel.

Three elements that must be made for explosive products:

1.An extreme single product: the former enterprise is the enterprise-the Internet, now the enterprise is the Internet-the enterprise; the Angle is different, before more advocate scale effect, now more advocate the enterprise a product to achieve the extreme, detonate the market can be.

2..Killer application: looking for the application-driven products in the enterprise explosive products, finding the application experience of direct users.

3.Explosive word of mouth effect: in the hot era of Internet enterprises, the word of mouth effect of social media spreads very fast; during this period, it is particularly important to cultivate the seed users of product use, directly affecting the first wave of explosive word of mouth spread.

From the analysis of the development situation of the massage gun industry, the massage gun market is very hot, and the fundamental reason for the leapfrog development of its application market lies in the innovation of technology, safety and variety.The explosive growth in user demand has greatly enriched the massage gun application market.On the one hand, the further promotion of raw materials and suppliers in the industrial chain optimizes the industrial process; on the other hand, the massage gun technology, quality and varieties update and iteration to further meet the new needs of users.Multiple promotion make the application of massage gun will get explosive development in the next few years.This niche fitness supplies gradually to the public trend, more and more fitness people also began to use massage guns, product pictures are also used by some fitness experts po in the ins, circle of friends, has become the standard of many gyms, and even the use of massage guns to relax has become a sense of ritual after fitness.

After our company's market analysis and research, a new mini massage gun.This massage gun adopts the T-shaped structure, the whole according to the ergonomic design, using the elliptical cylinder T-shaped shape, the shell is made of matte paint ABS material, light and portable and effortless, can well protect the internal structure of the product.Feel smooth and smooth, with a mild frosted feeling, the whole gives a person a simple and low-key feeling.

Sungpo pays great attention to the process and materials of massage guns:

Craft: use feel oil, matte highlight texture, surface has soft touch, wear resistance, strong adhesion, smooth and beautiful body; front mouth smooth, no groove edges, shell oil injection smooth, mold requirements of private mold, smooth and clean; use uv, surface paint, light texture, touch rigid; body plastic shell shrinkage deformation, groove treatment; uneven; massage head use male mold, surface scratch groove.

Material: bearing use NMB Japanese imported brand; motor use 55MM brushless motor, small sound, sufficient strength, deep muscle tissue massage; battery user original LG, Zhuo energy, etc.; battery capacity is 6,25.2V real standard 2400mAh

It can be fully charged in 3-4 hours for 5-10 hours.

This new developed massage gun comes in 3 colors, carbon gray, gradient purple, gradient powder; if you don't like these 3 colors, you can choose to customize for your color needs.The motor uses a brushless motor with a battery capacity of 2000mAh, long-term life and can be used for 5-8 hours with full power, sound at 45 decibels and 4 massage heads.

Thank you very grateful to Mr.Jin Daocuo  for his trust and affirmation of our company's products. I am also very happy that our company's products can stand out in this activity and become the product explained by the teacher.

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