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mini massage gun

mini massage gun


For busy modern people, whether it is office workers, or home treasure mom, are facing the problem of shoulder and neck pain. Because Bao mothers often hold children, take care of the baby, many movements need the shoulder and neck position repeated force, the oblique muscle on both sides of the shoulder has been in a state of fatigue, often feel the shoulder and neck position tight.

If you are in such a state for a long time, when the muscles behind the neck are thickened, even if just 1cm, thick the whole person will become mental and old. When exercise or strenuous exercise, the sympathetic nerve is too excited, causing muscles when static, easy to produce fascia adhesion, which is affecting the recovery. How to change, you can try to massage for relaxation with a fascia gun.

The massage gun uses its internal high-speed motor to drive the massage head, producing high-frequency vibration acting on the deep muscles, which can completely relax the muscles and fascia, quickly eliminate body fatigue, and help the body to restore its vitality in time. Sungpo massage gun, different from the ordinary fascia gun bulky body, it is small and light, only the size of a mobile phone, light, easy to carry, very suitable for women and go to work.

Sungpo Mini massage gun, small figure, large torque, built-in high power brushless noise reduction motor, power continues stable. Five-gear frequency conversion adjustment scientific massage, equipped with four soft silicone massage heads, automatically adapt to the body curve, for different departments for massage.

Bao mothers and office workers can take out pocket fascia guns in their spare time, massage the tight shoulders, neck and arms, promote blood circulation and relax muscles. Shoulder and neck line good-looking, will let a person look very tall and straight, to the temperament of the whole person a lot.

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