Method of use: massage guns, two points should be paid attention to

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-26
Recently there are a lot of people ask Lao wang use method and the effect of massage gun original Lao wang is not so care about, but with a long time, more and more people ask me about the issues relating to massage the gun, so Lao wang once again to help everybody to solve related questions! In use of massage gun, should read the instruction manual massage guns. 1. Gun vibration massage effect has no first you need to know to, massage guns actually not to be used to do any treatment, but it can be through the vibration massage gun, to stimulate the muscles relax. If you have some muscle soreness, or action is restricted some of the problems above, can massage the gun to get through in the muscle above clung to exclude status, rather than whole muscles need to be applied. 2. Vibration massage gun is only suitable for use in large muscle groups because the muscles of the small muscle group ( Such as around the neck, spine, Area is lesser, in the process of massage for a gun will affect the bones, blood vessels, nerves, etc. , that will produce dizziness or a bone and a direct hit, such not only can not effectively relieve pain, are more likely to cause injury. Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide method of use: two points should be paid attention to 0)
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