Method of choose and buy massage massage machine gun manufacturers and talk to you

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-17
Massage gun manufacturers and you talk about machine method of choose and buy of choose and buy method: is a foot reflection zone distribute will narrow the projection of human body, the reflection to the foot, is one of the types of partly reflects all reflect. People have more than 60 feet reflection point, with s correspond to organs of the body. When human viscera and organs attack changes, the corresponding reflex zones in feet will happen, so this part j for three, please enjoy private custom is a comfortable 1 liter 4 d, 4 d can only manipulator movement, with long thinking navigation, trip delay 伇? 吗? Department at the bottom and thighs, true z realize multi-angle, can only on the basis of the original 3 d implementation g technique, the more more, g broad range of coverage, g times demand of mz. 2, blood tracking + physique monitoring location before acupuncture point tracking concept carrying cash physique monitoring sensor, on the basis of theory and the human body, and use of bionics can only monitor system, positioning, scientific find, different height, can achieve joint size. 3, air parcel holographic feel whole body + palm stereo air parcel, arms, legs, feet, hips, and shoulders a progressive type, multilayer airbag fold change, holographic, feel alive is exquisite. 4, leg aquiculture leg three-dimensional airbag extrusion like hands soft packages, little legs roll kneading, the bl 57, maintenance, care, legs and feet easily. 5, a three-stage clamp shoulder design according to the different population size which can adjust the Angle, narrow in three kinds of wide range to choose, different shoulder breadth, same chang shuang. 6,45度; Constant temperature heat warm body before 7, micro space wisdom N slide + space levitation force boot automatically after the former slide, rely on a wall, save a space. Change back, hip, leg adjustment, multi-angle combination, higher strength, feet gd is higher than the trunk, heart and spinal pressure, state, maintain the function of the body, naturally. 8, a foot only chang shuang 360 & deg; Balloon wrapped + roll kneading, kneading the top + warm feet, legs full scale, division, realize the feet. 9, humanization manual now, massage gun type a lot more than a few years ago and the price are different: massage gun you achieved tens of thousands of yuan currency, price low domestic massage guns in LiuQiQian yuan. 1 sitting on massage gun, can really achieve? Massage the principle of gun is to use kneading machinery of rolling power and force. Artificial can, make the qi and blood, the balance of the body, so can feel muscles, min, after inspired djinn, tired, have to be to body health. For normal people, human can increase the body's natural resistance to obtain. But mechanical and artificial massage guns is different, although there are a few contact massage gun, but choose acupuncture point, and similar artificial movement, jj 'knead' and 'knead' movements. Massage gun can only fatigue, discomfort, therefore, plays, there won't be, and its strength is not easy to control, strength hours, small, big strength will make muscle pain. In addition, some people don't use home massage gun: 1 is a blogger and heart. Because of its simple can make human body blood speed speeds up, the heart and the guide to send; While those due to reasons such as calcium, easy to guide bone mutation brittle, the strength big, t don't simple cause. 2 it is part of the skin damage, ulcers, bleeding, tuberculosis, and. 3 it is hunger and satiety, alcohol, or excessive exhaustion. Use massage gun other considerations: 1 using massage gun to body and mind, except thoughts should focus, to be calm, don't be nervous. 2 use gun to adjust massaging the guns, due to the force is too small, don't too easy to produce fatigue, and damage to the skin, the strength and frequency from less to more, by the light gradually. Third, we need to apply massage gun control good time, every time with 20 minutes advisable, sooner or later each, such as after getting up in the morning and before bed. Massage massage on the other hand, spinoza gun, said the choice of the gun is on the basis of its own constitution, refer to the production of massage gun manufacturers products t point to select, vary from person to person. Want to know other information, please pay attention to our guangdong ( Yangjiang) Spinoza electronic technology co. , LTD. , chair? How to pick chair chair is a product of time, is the expression of the high living standard t. More and more people in the home has its figure, it is the capital of the rich affectation. Spinoza chair below will introduce what chair is good for us, what are the major factors affect choosing? What chair well about how to choose home there are many chairs chairs, next up: spinoza massage gun manufacturers and you talk about how to choose high quality household according to the previous: massage gun manufacturers and you talk about how to choose home chair?
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