Massaging the gun should be how to massage to relax the arm muscles

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-22
Today bring you how to use massage to relax gun arm muscle, we mainly release today is our forearm and our big biceps of the side arm. Everyday, we arm use frequency is very high, whether it will be used in our daily work or entertainment. And if you as a fitness crowd, so often can grasp a barbell dumbbell, so our forearm is also often need to use. Daily life often holding the baby, many mothers also causes forearm and arm muscle tension, through the use of massage guns against our forearm and big arms to complete muscle release. We can complete within the wrist of the backward and forward movement, is made up of different muscle groups to cooperate to complete, so we release the requirement of the forearm inside liberation to the outer edge of the forearm, come loose and forearm muscle group is relatively small and various, and because of the forearm in some students is relatively weak, so in the massage my gun point of choice, we can choose relatively flat wide spear complete muscle massage to relax. In our arm of the side of the biceps, due to the above it is from the position of the shoulder blade growth across the entire humerus reached the top of the forearm. The biceps are actually very slender, we bend the elbow motion enough time, the use of biceps is relatively more. If the biceps is nervous, we will present bending moment of elbow joint. So today USES massage gun Lao wang will introduce in detail how to release the size of the arm muscle massage muscle group. Forearm massage to relax in the first place, we release the arm muscles, choose sitting position. Then the palm up and to enlarge the palm on his thigh. Then will be transferred to the second massage gun, then from the inside of the forearm to begin to comb. From the inside of the forearm gradually the transition to the far end is close to the position of the wrist, be careful not to touch the wrist joint, weak because of the muscles of the wrist joint, bones are bullish. If reach the skeleton will feel very uncomfortable. Release the inside of the forearm, to follow our muscle fibers, comb from proximal to distal forearm gradually to the distal to the transition. When we will be after the completion of the forearm side before release, try to the rotation of the arm slightly, namely palm in turn by the arm. By this time there will be more of the forearm muscles exposed, this time we already cling to the medial to the lateral excessive, is still below the close to the elbow to the wrist. We only in forearm muscle of auxiliary processing, and has nothing to do with our joint. Prevent certain effects on the joints or massage gun from unnecessary damage. Arm of the forearm because of its relatively weak muscles, and muscle fiber is long, here is not suitable for comparing the sharp spear to comb to relax, so we'll have a spherical or flat flat spear for our forearm massage. Arms relax when the forearm of the side after release, we will deal with the arm of the side of the biceps. Biceps is used in daily life the muscles of the frequency is higher, it up to the shoulder joint, stop at the elbow. Muscle and auxiliary in the arm of the side. You may not know, why call her biceps, actually it has two parts: one is located in the lateral; One is located in the medial, it has both inside and outside the two parts together. When we release, also can't only care in one direction. We want to make the rotation of the arm in different positions, the entire biceps integral parts of the complete solution. Generally speaking, we can play up to the position of the shoulder joint offset, down near the elbow. Although biceps check points across the elbow, but actually at the site of the elbow joint, biceps tendon part is more, our goal is for auxiliary treatment, so we won't be excessive down processing. In daily life, your biceps is sensitive or more nervous, so we can try to adopt a soothing massage point massage to relax. That is will flat spear head replacement for elastically spear. Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide how to massage to relax the arm muscle group 1)
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