Massage use of gun

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-17
Massage USES standard massage gun gun doctrine is the role of the rotation of the exercise of mechanical force and mechanical force of extrusion massage. Artificial massage good J, negative blood cycle, give up the body Y Yang balance. Therefore, after a massage will feel muscle relaxation, joint mobility. For the average person, artificial massage to increase the body's constraints, and resistance to disease B, achieved the effect of J. However, massage machine gun and artificial massage massage, massage the gun has several contact points, can not choose the caves and cave artificial massage. Therefore, massage gun can only eliminate exhausted C L, alleviate unpleasant G, have the effect of F pine, there can be no X fruit, and the strength of pressure P, small strength of Z. Effect is not big, strength of large muscle pain. Household massage gun common solution to the fault of 1. Back massage not from top to bottom. Massage a gun with a period of time, there are some low-grade products have such consultation. Hard at ordinary times take power from the motor of takeoff and landing in waste oil soaked in the belt, there are skid phenomenon. Before you buy, please open the lid of the machine and see if the inside of the box to use aluminum alloy. 2. Boot crash happens. Massage the back of the gun wizard limited seats on both ends up and down. Massage wheel running in a certain area. A pressure switch type brake. After driving for a long time, the lower massage gun switch spring deformation. Can't stop signal immediately. The machine once yan fu, the motor will be damaged. With short rotation. Centered on the driver move, modify the deformation of spring. Considering the contact with the manufacturers, please provide the new schedule pressure switch. Also has a light switch. After driving for a long time, please wipe away the dust, clean in sight. 3. Massage gun back big noise: this is a new push chair level of composite appraisal scale, generally higher massage gun adopts imported bearings, not the case. For long-term use of old machines, generally speaking, due to the motor bearing wear, if buy J mouth bearing for replacement, can cancel noise for a long time. Other low within the period of motor brush is easy to wear, please don't trust of maintenance personnel change horses for advice. In the brush can also be persistent. Household gun manufacturers 4, foot massage balloon doesn't start, or no half: tracheal disconnect or through the obstruction of the air to circulate. For reference only next article: how to choose the oneself to like home massage chair gun manufacturers and you talk a: massage gun improper use will be a hazard, so what's the harm
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