Massage the gun's own experience is more important

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Recently, the reports said a woman in online shopping to buy the cheapest massage gun, results in more and more tired, can not return; More than 70 - year - old old man, because massage with the daughter of a gun, because don't know how to set up, lead to back pain not solved, cause headaches, hand hemp, the strength is too big for massage a gun, that old man happened to the cervical dislocation. These events tell us, whether you want to use some equipment health care massage gun body, or want to express to your elders filial piety means at the same time, be sure to carefully choose to suit oneself or massage gun for elders. Whether it actually buy anything, such as 3 c electronic products or health care instrument, never showed, or listened to the shop assistant flowery rhetoric is impulse buying, and reading the instructions to be processed, otherwise easily lead to the happening of the accident. Here the editors tell all consumers, buy massage gun need to pay attention to what issues? 1. Need to experience personally use massage gun: some people think in the online store to buy good massage gun, see the online text images show exaggerated massage gun, massage impulse to buy the gun, after but forfeits his own health, do more harm than good, want to return and also not easy. Suggest you go to the supermarket or store personally experience the trial, you will know whether brands massage gun is suitable for yourself, and exactly what these massage gun, pour the feeling of lying is how, if you have any question also can directly ask the clerk, this will be to you like massage gun will be more understanding. 2. Choose to have automatic shape detection function of massage: gun gun to have a massage body automatically detect function is very important, because each person's body is different, have height or size, in order to avoid some sits is shen shu, according to the change according to the individual may be the beneficiary of the situation, also avoid because massage in the massage position undeserved cause damage, must choose an automatic shape detection function of massage. 3. Option using ergonomics data massage gun: the ergonomics data massage gun, with new technology 3 d movement, aiming at the waist and shoulder part, can effectively along my massage roller, massage roller operation conform to the spine curve track, make massage roller can walk, in the form of joint of the back curve fully pressed all muscle group, don't pass a sore neck and waist. Next article: massage gun home is an article on the trend of The Times: what's the difference between the prices are different massage gun?
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