Massage the gun: make you loose your anytime and anywhere

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-22
As the saying goes, over thirty years old, with all things don't go, only fat ( Fat) With you! I had to give up, also want to say is although is a fat man and a healthy fat, it's a pity that I have in the company health checks some poor results, with the help of physicians began treatment of apnea ( Snoring) And weight control. This for more than a year, is close to the end goal ( Short of five kilograms) , not only slowly begin to feel some results. Especially the most recent blood test results is quite exciting. Then again, there are a lot of people want to know how did I do, is seven points to eat three points to practice, from the right diet and exercise again tie-in professional medical assistance, as well as their persistence. And exercise the weight training and aerobics are indispensable, and weights of muscle relaxation is the important topic. Before are stretching or to relax with massage roller, but lately, carefully compare the actual effect, audio equipment, many commodities market prices and warranty and so on, finally chose the X1 massage with gun. Is China's only 1 Hong Kong brand and weight. 1 kg. Not only have four kinds of massage head has two modes, 6 speed! Can only say that super fun. The shell package quality bad, also is very convenient! Reprint please indicate the: X1 of gun guide massaging the gun: make you loose your 1) anytime and anywhere
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