Massage the gun & # 8221; Red & # 8221; Is not without reason

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-01
Because sports fitness craze and recently helped push the net red, short video platform, the musculoaponeurotic massage gun also then become popular in recent years popular product! As early as when a double tenth last year, according to the statistics of data: the urban youth for massage gun at first, it seems people preserve one's health is becoming more and more important for your health. Use massage gun after motion, to ease muscle soreness and fatigue, a cool character! Use massage guns, but the error will lead to pain in body and mind, use for a long time is not on behalf of the effect is good, can massage for you to understand my gun confusion now! Massage gun is through the high frequency vibration, force the fat through the skin and fascia layer, deep to the muscles, not only can promote the blood circulation, can also speed up the row of lactic acid, relax tense muscles, slow relaxed body fatigue, accelerate the return to fitness, especially suitable for love sports fitness, it is no wonder that become a fashion trend in recent years both massage products! Who is suit to use massage gun? Daily movement after the gym 'lu' iron fan office sedentary white-collar workers roughly muscle stiffness & # 8230; Massage gun popular reasons, one is because users can massage for yourself, convenient and easy to use. And after a massage can instantly relax muscle soreness, especially suitable for big muscle body parts, such as: small hips, waist, thighs and legs melon. On more than massage gun equipped with many different shapes of massage head, each have on parts of the body, strengthen the effect of muscle relaxation. So also need to pay attention to before using massage gun, do not use the wrong massage head! At the same time, not the whole body massage is fit for use of any part of the gun, accidentally used the wrong words, risk may cause other damage. Use massage gun matters needing attention and who you can't use: age bigger of the two old man muscle bone fragile BoRuoZhe muscle tissue easily injured skin redness fever have reprint please indicate the pain: massage massage gun gun guide & # 8221; Red & # 8221; Is not without reason 0)
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