Massage massage in different shapes of the gun head should be how to use?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-20
Lao wang in an article in introduced the should be how to choose the gun and massaging the gun in use should be paid attention to. This time, because the friends ask specific apply to massage massage head of gun which parts of the body, that is not the shape of the concrete methods of the use of massage head. 1, circular ( Ball type) Massage massage head it mainly aims at is the body of the large muscle groups, such as the body of the pectoralis major, deltoid, the latissimus dorsi, hips, and on his thigh muscles, triceps, quadriceps and calf are deep fascia of relaxation. 2, flat shape massage head actually this massage head can be in the shape of the whole body of each muscle group, as long as you are not the body bones and artery of vibration massage, can be. 3, cylindrical shape ( The pressure) Massage head cylindrical massage head can be soles of the feet and the palms of their hands to massage, because like a spherical or flat to massage the palm of more or less lack of pertinence, so the cylindrical shape massage head can solve the problem. When you want to massage the acupuncture points can find acupuncture point massage. Another is, cylindrical massage head can for deep fascia muscle relaxation, such as hip deep massage body vibration, cylindrical massage head is right choice, of course the premise is you can use massage guns have the strength! 4. U ( Fork type) Massage head of this kind of massage head in the shape of the design idea, because massage to relax the body gun fascia and muscle tissue, not our bones, if on the bone it will hurt our body, so the design of the u-shaped massage head cleverly circumvent our cervical vertebra and spinal cord. It can be a perfect massage to our muscles and on either side of the cervical spine and acupoints, so U ( Fork type) On either side of the head is appropriate to relax the spine and neck muscles, as well as the heel of Achilles tendon muscle. Finally, about the massage use time and vibration frequency of the gun. Because will have different gear vibration massage gun, if you are new to suggest that we can use massage to ease a vibration frequency. Massage when you use a gun or feel better at a cannot satisfy the use requirement, then you can massage for a higher gear. But a single muscle massage time as far as possible control within a minute, see clear is a single muscle group, relaxing massage the whole body of time control in about 10 minutes. Reprint please indicate the: massage massage guns from all the different shapes of gun guide massage head should be how to use? 2)
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