Massage guns have noise?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-25
Massage guns have noise? Massage gun product appearance contracted and easy, with furniture collocation to coordinate, the color is not too bright, not a long time easy to cause visual fatigue. Massage gun running, low noise. Only precision mechanical structure does not produce noise, good product voice even and orderly, the noise big massage gun internal mechanical clearance size, after struggling becomes looser. Internal components are of high quality open massage gun back cover watch machine core, luxury massage will not in the case of the gun and gear and key parts adopt plastic parts such as belt pulley should use aluminum alloy and steel. Massage guns have noise? Neck massage massage gun high enough? This is the key, kneading wheel lateral difficulty is very big, so a lot of low quality gun massaging the height is limited, is unable to be above the neck or behind the head, this is due to the strength of the kneading mechanism restriction, involves large cost difference. This is the massage will appear only when the noise, the voice is not too big, there are, yes, my home put music massage, feel comfortable, still want to buy a reliable, good high satisfaction of brand. Massage guns have noise? Massage massage professional r &d and production gun gun for 27 years, mainly produces household massage, massage, massage, massage gun gun gun gun and electric massage gun and other products, welcome to order
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