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Massage gun your best choice

Massage gun your best choice


For busy modern people, whether it is office workers, or home treasure mom, are facing the problem of shoulder and neck pain. Because Bao mothers often hold children, take care of the baby, many movements need the shoulder and neck position repeated force, the oblique muscle on both sides of the shoulder has been in a state of fatigue, often feel the shoulder and neck position tight.

If you are in such a state for a long time, when the muscles behind the neck are thickened, even if just 1cm, thick the whole person will become mental and old. When exercise or strenuous exercise, the sympathetic nerve is too excited, causing muscles when static, easy to produce fascia adhesion, which is affecting the recovery. How to change, you can try to massage for relaxation with a fascia gun.

The massage gun comes with four attachable heads –  ball, bullet, fork and flat . At first glance, these heads kind of look like some sort of medieval torture device. When I did finally try them out, these different heads were actually quite enjoyable.The ball head, in particular, was my favourite as I found it really helped to loosen up my shoulders and lower back, which often get quite tight from hunching over a computer every day.The different heads allow you to comfortably target different muscle groups, relieving your shoulders from the Millennial slouch or your thighs from that run you did one time. The massage gun has five gears, which really means there are five speed settings.The instruction manual includes a guide that lets you know how hard you should be going on which part of your tender bod, but I found the speeds to be super intense, even on a lower setting. Setting it to gear two was more than enough for me, so I can’t imagine how hectic it is at top speed. I wouldn’t be cranking it up to full blast on your neck.

This is very convenient. If you sit for a long time, have sore back pain, and sore muscles after fitness, just when you have no partner around you, then the fascia gun works. You can use your own fascia gun for muscle massage, both convenient and soothing.

If you’re interested in having a powerful massage on tap, this is the perfect product for you.

If you’re interested in having powerful massage on tap, this is the perfect product for you.


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