Massage gun why price difference so much? Hundreds of thousands

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-26
These days many friends asked the price of the massage gun problem, Lao wang [before Hundreds and thousands of massage is the difference? ] Said, but only from the experience, and there is no difference, but in the later for fitness enthusiasts, the price is in two hundred yuan of massage gun on the strength or lacking, no high prices to some massage gun! This leads to the massage gun used by the core motor problem. Muscles are 'difficult' person can clearly feel, bad quality of branded massage the gun on the muscles like 'tickling' children, no deep massage, this is the consequences of people for massage gun this product reputation evaluation very bottom, like 'chicken ribs' IQ 'tax' and so on. Massage a gun and a quality is very good, it is the effect of the play is 'publish or perish to meat, let you can't', that is the acid bright sense of people looking for! To explore the massage below give you gun why is there such a big gap between the price of: 1, you will find that the domestic brand premium massage a gun is a lot cheaper price compared with foreign brands, including brand premium. Fathers - like massage guns , its price at around $299 in foreign countries, and conversion into renminbi is around 2000, but want to proceed with this brand at home massage gun, prices generally in 3000 ~ 4000 yuan. The difference between premium will include: agents, tax, promotion and so on cost. And domestic products don't have to consider so much, in the various web celebrity to take goods, massage shot to red. You only need to open stores in each big electric business platform, spell price, you can success. Along the way, with 59 yuan price of massage before pharaoh gun, but the quality really is a mess! Massage the gun material 2, choose materials are its costs, cheap branded massage gun doesn't consider the use of feelings, plastic, motor, and so on are all problems. Less than one hundred yuan of pharaoh massage gun is a wired connection, deafening noise, outer-package of software is a bag. Using the two can not be used, connecting the leakage and so on. 3, the motor selection of massage gun mount up to even more important, brushless motor than a brush of long service life. Brushless motor is the second generation is sure to much better than a generation, in later iterations products will be developed on the efficiency. Massage the price of the gun are gap, or what choose in the internal motor durham ma! Such as G3PRO 18 kg, it can achieve the role of thrust and swing on 16 mm distance, in use on the human body, seismic distance attenuation is very small. Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide why price difference so much? Hundreds of thousands of has 9)
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