Massage gun use tutorial: thigh muscle relaxation method before and after

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-01
Today bring USES massage gun massage to relax the anterior thigh quadriceps. This muscle is the biggest muscles of the body. It consists of four heads: are respectively the vastus lateralis muscle of the lateral thigh, is located in the front thigh of rectus muscle and deeper shares in the muscle, and part is located in the thigh inside muscle. Quadriceps is the only a multinational we knee joint muscle group, its role is mainly responsible for the extension of the knee joint. In daily running process, the stairs, we use the thigh muscle of the side frequency is very high, and we are doing some squat type of exercise, it is done and glutes our joint participation. Quadriceps and glutes, they complement each other that we produced a lot of mobile in the ground. And we are in the use of massage gun for these muscles loose solution, as a result of the quadriceps area is very large, so we must use massage gun alone to deal with. The relaxation of the quadriceps we would first go to the lateral head of the handle of the lateral thigh quadriceps, reprocessing it shares rectus, eventually deal with the medial head of the quadriceps muscle. When get a massage gun, open massage gun to intermediate gear. Then gradually from the upper thighs to the knee to complete relaxation, knee joint position near the knee but can't contact. Because of knee joint is the place that muscles attached to thin, excessive hammer will cause joint discomfort. In the whole process of relaxation, quadriceps distal has a pain point, then we can massage gun limitations in this area, complete relaxation on fixed point, the time control in 30 seconds, small movement will be completed this pain point. After quadriceps lateral complete release, we will begin to continue to use massage guns for elongated strands of rectus muscle to complete release. From near the hip joint position gradually hip closer to us. The whole process of our massage gun should be perpendicular to the quadriceps muscle fibers, gradually from the proximal to distal to complete, and in the process of (we would stay in the area of (massage. When the middle of the thigh muscles after the release, then massage with massage gun against the inner thigh to relax. As a result of the inner thigh quadriceps isn't particularly long, we can only release the second half. Here you have (regional short stay the same, the quadriceps muscle and to the whole to the medial part of a certain good release. The iliotibial band ( 卡塔尔投资局jing蜀) Relaxation will then how to use massage gun to release us the iliotibial band. Due to the iliotibial band is the part of human lower limb is more sensitive. Popular said, massage to relax the iliotibial band when pain is stronger, so we when selecting a massage massage head gun to careful consideration, general words with flat massage head first. Massage with massage to the iliotibial band gun in relaxed, the location of the application of one hand the upper thigh bone, the aim is to prevent the massage guns strike directly to the bone, and then use the palm massage guns with us. From the lateral thigh to knee to complete the muscle massage. Then from the beginning even slow vertical struck the iliotibial band, from proximal to distal accomplish a certain number of comb. Carding process, yet we massage with amplitude to regulate guns, and intensity, the thigh to the human body at this time of the iliotibial band to complete the corresponding solution. In like running the iliotibial band of people is often biased too tight, so if you are a love sports, then your thighs the iliotibial band must be need often to do. Otherwise the iliotibial band can produce friction and bones, causing a run, knee joint lateral has the feeling of pain, so feel a little pain if this position, we can in the slant a bit above position, with massage gun point to release the iliotibial band, make it to release the local tension. The relaxation of the hamstring back thigh muscle group is a hamstring. It totally is divided into two parts, one is the growth to the outside of the biceps. After another is growing in the thigh inside muscle tendons and half membrane. Sounds like it has a total of four parts to the top position in the ischial tuberosity, crossed to the below our knees. Hamstring and at the same time is we the anterior thigh quadriceps. In daily life, we hook up the leg, do some fast moving process, between the quadriceps muscle and hamstring and is the need to cooperate to complete the movement. A lot of football player when he was running fast, very easy to strained hamstring is because of the hamstring strains and quadriceps isn't proportional. Hamstring usually is a part of the more nervous, in the daily hamstring is nervous, you will find when we bent down to pick up things back thigh will have a very strong sense of tension, it represents your hamstring is relatively tight, massage at this time we will need to use the gun to relax here. Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide tutorial: thigh muscle relaxation method before and after 12)
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