Massage gun use should be paid attention to in place

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-23
Why fascia need a massage? Let's to metaphor fascia, grapefruit and grapefruit pulp is like a muscle, the transparent membrane and white muscle in the grapefruit, like fascia tissue, have the effect of the protection of muscle, also make the body's muscles can form a certain shape. When we poor posture for a long time, pressure big body tight, or exercise, play and cause inflammation, may result in fascia appear pleurodesis phenomenon, and the organization of a pleurodesis, can make our body's activity gradually limited point of view, and the cause of pain, joint stress problems such as uneven, even lead to chronic injury of the body. Therefore, we just need to stretch brace through, or massage roller, auxiliary tools such as gun to relax fascia. Common massage gun, principle mainly through the high frequency vibration, accelerate ache shook loose parts of the blood circulation and muscle, in order to achieve the effect of massage, compared with the general hand massage, the massage gun vibration of high frequency power can be transmitted to the deep muscles, suitable for muscle hypertrophy or deep clung more parts, such as biceps and triceps, quadriceps, before the lower leg muscle, etc. But because of the high frequency vibration characteristics, massage gun in a few places on our body is not suitable for a dozen of: 1. Joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles like knee, elbow, or fingers, toes, etc. , these muscle less often, blood vessels, nerve also relatively close to the skin, massage gun high-frequency vibration, easy to cause damage. 2. More blood vessels and nerves in the back of hand, inner thighs, chest, etc. , vibrations will bring some analgesic effect, if it becomes more blood vessels and nerves in the area, a ruptured blood vessel injury may be difficult to detect, and don't even know it. In addition, such as peripheral feel poorer, diabetes, coagulant function abnormality or there are taking anticoagulant drugs, are not recommended. 3. Cervical vertebra, near the spinal cervical vertebra, near the spinal nerve, accidentally can cause more serious damage. Gun cannot replace stretch massaging also is not very pain, although massage gun seems like a lot of good, and less by site use restrictions, but 'massage gun can't replace stretch', especially for ones, sometimes use fingers, or deep pressure roller, pain from the penalty spot, may also is better than gun this rapid massage massage. Because massage gun of the city: the musculoaponeurotic deep massage guns. Fascia massage when some people are doing, is often thought to be the more pain the more good, in fact, the pain can make muscles more on instead, fascia pleurodesis is more serious, so, whether it USES massage gun or roller tool, such as massage no acid can, as long as don't have the more pain the more effective ideas. Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide should pay attention to in using the local 5)
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