Massage gun use notice: where can't relax?

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-02
In recent years, more and more players before and after exercise, can massage with fascia gun to relax or later release. Although USES massage gun independent relaxation is very convenient, but we also should understand before relaxing massage massage gun use considerations, where on the body is not the part of the massage? How old do massage pressure gun, right? First, use massage gun should be adjusted to feel the most comfortable appropriate intensity, can help you achieve the best relaxation effect. Movement can be used to warm up before the soft strength, gently wake up muscle; After motion can be adjusted to higher strength, to help find a tight, deep ones, to achieve deep relaxation. Before exercise, of course, static stretching and dynamic stretching movement after exercise don't forget, this is very important, if not doing stretching, the massage gun wake up or relax the muscle fascia is not much effect! Before exercise: small gear strength, gently wake up after the muscle and fascia movement: big gear strength, deep loosening tight muscle fascia as to how to use massage to just know the validity of gun massage to relax the body, after you massage gun, you can stand up and move together feel the change of the body, if you feel at ease, almost the muscle massage cycle can be finished. Massage my gun of taboo in use. Don't play which parts of the body? Improper care massage instead were injured, so before massage should know the parts of the body, and where is the place that USES massage gun 'don't' : should avoid sensitive parts of the body, especially the girls actually you when to get the massage gun products, to see the product specification. It will have said not to massage guns used for sensitive body parts, and line and treasure in the us for the all of you! Massage gun by netizens have called for a new generation of 'lady fast instrument', but in terms of safety or don't try! Avoid thighs hips big rotor, knee joint bone protruding place such as the big rotor outer thighs, is behind the temporal, quadriceps down the front of the knee, as well as the outer thighs, convex, the side to the inside of the knee joint bone are need to pay attention to when using massage gun 'don't play' place, avoid injury. When using massage massage gun here, need to use to evaluate the palm of your hand to avoid massage shot hit the position! To avoid the lateral crus fibular head when massage pretibial muscle of the lateral crus, should pay attention to avoid direct injection knee below the fibular head. Avoid the ankle bone protruding place, avoid to stimulate tendons along the lateral crus massage, should avoid the ankle bone protruding, bones are on either side of the inside and outside the note. Massage gun using the principle of mainly processing, muscle and fascia muscle fascia in muscle, so it is not necessary to specially massage easily ankle part of the pain. In addition, there are a lot of tendon after ankle, is not recommended to do more to stimulate, the reasons are as follows: tendon itself is not so good, easily hurt when the receptor in the inflamed tendons, the gun vibration feeling less sensitive massaging the gun main the focus of the massage waist with big muscles, avoid the spine, abs use massage gun is the most important thing, don't hit the bone! Not only didn't help it might get hurt. Again, also do not recommend massage abdominal muscle, abdominal side before there are a lot of guts, relax before abdominal muscle belly inside organs may also be uncomfortable, so the belly side before massage try not to use the gun. Reprint please indicate: the use of massage massage gun gun guide note: can't relax? 6)
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