Massage gun safe use effect is good

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
After a day's work, to a few appropriate kneading massage strength, will be refreshed. In the absence of artificial massage, massage smart gun become popular products. Some people often sit massage a nap on the gun, some people even put the car seat which performs the functions of massage chair cushion on the shop. Gun and artificial massage massage, however, there is a big difference, also has a lot of matters needing attention in using. Artificial massage can dredge meridians, gets the blood circulation, keep the balance of the body, so can feel the muscles relax, flexible joints after a massage. Artificial massage can enhance the body's natural resistance, to obtain the health care effect. Household massage gun use note: one to relax. Second, we must adjust the massage chair, because the stimulating effect of the force is too small don't, too easy to get tired, and damage the skin, massage strength and frequency from less to more, from light weight gradually. Third, we need to grasp the massage time, each with 20 minutes advisable, the best one in the morning and night. Next article: massage gun? Massage function on the whole parsing a gun: foot massage machine does to the human body have?
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