Massage gun predecessor

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-05
Before pharaoh stood open is already in the first article of the massage gun origin, but also is not very detailed, massage once again mention today so gun forerunner of origin. In 2019, at the beginning of the year was the first time that wang contact the TuTuTu products on the body, was holding the curiosity, the relevant search, but because the price is 'lovely' so he did not proceed. By the middle period of 2019, because the massage gun on a sound, in many different brands of electric business platform massage guns instantly covered! , of course, in addition to a short video platform refresh, you watching it on television variety show, also can appear a star in the use of massage massage to relax, gun like Justin use guns for Zhang Xinyi massaging neck, caishaofen for husband zhang do a foot massage is also used to massage, massage with massage gun swimmer Fu Yuanhui for mother and relieve the waist, I miss you in 'singer' is used to, especially pay attention to preserve one's health massage gun li calls 'health electronic hammer' and so on. Above all, visible or massage is the role of. It can be inferred from the logic: the traditional massage to relax is actually use the palm of your hand or finger to point and muscle massage, the massage gun principle is the same. Besides, more stars, athletes and massage a sonic red gun brand is in the United States. That is why the brand value of 3000 yuan, rather than the other brands? Because the first gun is from abroad to domestic massage, also only brand. Why? Because it is a company developed deep muscle massage gun, hereinafter referred to as 'massage' gun! So, it is massage gun in this category, the ancestors of the existence of benchmarking. America Inc. The company was founded in 2010 by Anthony katz founded in California. In 2010, Anthony katz, puts forward the concept of the exhaust valve manufacturing vacuum environment, heavy change traditional ice compress structure, designed the first portable ice compress compression equipment - ice compress belt. Authorized in June 2017, guangdong kang general agent in China, and set up a marketing center in dongguan. In February 2018, the massage guns come out. Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide predecessor origin 1)
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