Massage gun: pine chest muscles

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-31
Today is to use a gun to our massage from loose solution of chest muscle group. Subcutaneous chest muscle group in our chest, the position is shallow. It is mainly composed of two muscles: shallow pectoralis major and is located at the deeper chest be small muscles. Pectoralis major and small chest muscle them to cooperate to complete to complete the action, and then we let the shoulder joint and shoulder blades to do some sports. And in daily life, such as I may be a white-collar workers, every day job is arm at the front of a body, I need to use some electronic devices, and long before the arm on the movement of the body can cause the body part of pectoralis major shorten. Whole person looks to have some symptoms of chest. But if as a fitness trainer, we long to training the chest muscles, also can cause chest muscles shorten. So whether it's for a general or fitness crowd, for the whole chest tightness is crucial. We are going to meet our first pectoralis major, pectoralis major is a fan-shaped flat muscle. Two-thirds of its starting point is located in our clavicle closed, to our chest below the position of the sternum, and bias of the abs parts there are also some attachment points. That is to say: there are three simple pectoralis major attachment points of the clavicle attachment point, sternum and our abdominal muscle attachment points of attachment points. Oblique muscle fibers of the lateral growth, and the attachment points of the ending at the outside of the shoulders. So, we know the location of the pectoralis major muscle fibers to and simple. Beam in the oblique muscle fibers of the lateral, muscle fiber level outward, beam under oblique muscle fibers to the lateral growth, so we in the use of massage guns, will need to follow the muscle fiber to relax massage accomplish a certain number of gun. The above is the use of massage gun on the loose solution of pectoralis major, and the chest be small muscle is located in the deep of pectoralis major. If we want to give priority to release the chest be small muscle, so one thing you have to do is to release the pectoralis major. Pectoralis major release to a good condition, we can truly will massage the strength of the gun through the pectoralis major transfer to our little chest muscle. And small chest muscle from our three five ribs, namely the chest be small muscle in our third root fourth and fifth rib. The check point is we shoulder blades prominent position. Chest be small muscle tight will pull we shoulder blades forward, whole person looks there is a button the phenomenon of shoulder and shoulder. So when we put the chest be small muscle and loose loose pectoralis major, the whole chest problems will get good improvement. Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide role: release the chest muscle group 3)
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