Massage gun manufacturers to teach you use chair considerations

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-16
Massage gun manufacturers to teach you use chairs use the matters needing attention of the old chair? Chair body, body fatigue, but if the strength of manipulation of the wrong, but to form the body damage, t is new to the old, use should be stable, chair of the old man how to use? Spinoza under the chair! How the old chair use 1, the old chair how to use ( 1) , according to the class. According to their own body size, body, choose soft gear, such as spinoza chair can choose comfortable first file, such as do a few back to habit, again. ( 2) And at least one hour after the meal in the future, use the chair. ( 3) Don't use, period. Such as the waist of fierce, more of hair, such as before using the chair. ( 4) , have to use chair to grasp the good time, every time with 2 minutes advisable, well the sooner or later, after getting up in the morning and before bed. Else, choose chair is according to the constitution itself, reference chair manufacturer of products t point to pick, vary from person to person. T don't old man, with poor physical time not too long, 15 minutes a day. 2, older people use electric chair of electric chair body, the fatigue of the body, but if the strength of manipulation of the wrong, not only not scheduling, but formation damage, and the elderly because of the age is too big, and there are other easily, so when use should be steady. Electric chair is mainly is to use mechanical rolling power and extrusion. Its strength is not easy to control, the strength is too small, short; While the strength is too high, cause muscle pain, a serious condition and formation damage. The elderly because water cut disc, guide disc height narrowing, and then makes the spinal ligaments around in lax state, incorrect use guide small disorders, such as lumbar present condition, physical discomfort situation grim. 3, how to old people choose chair ( 1) Function, a brief useful instruments of the old people to use to buy to the elderly home chair, do not need too much function, j can be useful. As for TV, MP3, jade and other functions, is to choose according to their own needs, some functions about the old man may not need, and it is a burden. ( 2) , strength don't quite some old people may tolerance, like its big chair, but this is too big chair, actually often don't old man use f, the old bone density is low, the flexibility of bone and soft tissue, also relatively poor, if choose the strength too big chairs, easy to old people body into the discomfort or even damage. ( 3) , pick with size detection function of low-end chairs do not have the function of the size detection, can only in accordance with the tacit approval procedures, regardless of the use of high fat, and long time use the worth chair formation damage to the body. Old man t don't don't choose this without shape detection function, such as low chair, as far as possible with size detection function. Chair 1 mechanical arm, back through the imitation of kneading, shaking, refers to the method of pressure, such as division, on the whole back, after a mechanical arm up and down or so useful around before and after the adjustment of spinal movement and activity each spine and ligaments and allows you to get in the comfortable back. 2, kneading chair common kneading organization can imitate the kneading, influence on muscle in soft, and some parts are different intensity of kneading, and muscle fiber elastic recovery, to speed up the blood. Function 3, rocking chair after natural light shaking, adjust the spine around, before and after the activity each spine and ligaments and correcting spine, influence of sympathetic, and c into the blood, etc. 4, mean pressure refers to the popular one function, also is to have the advantages of a function. This function is based on practice of imitating the design, can according to different acupuncture points on the body of repeated, then the influence of acupuncture points, can increase our blood, progress. 1, some people don't use chairs, such as, the heart of people, who, part of the skin damaged,, children, pregnant women, etc. 2, yi must open before using the chair cushion for leaning on to check the wheel can be walking part of the fabric is damaged, used in fabric under the condition of the damaged chair, may cause the risk. 3, using the chair to body and mind, adhere to calmly, whole body don't strictly. How old chair use 4, using the chair should adjust the strength of the chair, because of the influence of the force is too small don't, too prone to exhaustion, and damage to the skin, the strength and frequency from less to more, by the light gradually. 5, when the situation, usually should be cushion for leaning on is put down, if feel the strength of the neck, arm are lacking, would be able to translate back cushion for leaning on, without using the cushion for leaning on of conditions ( The young man) 。 6, on the way to out of the seat, you must first stop the chair, again from the seat, put the back of the chair or in the leg lift, please do not sit down or leave, otherwise may cause disturbance or formation damage. Want to know other information, please pay attention to our guangdong ( Yangjiang) Spinoza electronic technology co. , LTD. , how long the warranty? The warranty period? How does the warranty cost business accounting? The warranty certificate? Lost can also served as the warranty? Is spinoza chair on how to choose the knowledge of household chair, hope can help to you. Next up: the foot vendors would talk about what kind of situation for the previous: pedicures vendors would analysis about the choose and buy of household chair j
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