Massage gun in use should pay attention to several

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-25
Every time after fitness brace but still feel body tight? It doesn't matter! Can to massage my gun! Massage a gun and said gun vibration massage, using the principle of vibration to the deep muscle and fascia of freehand by less than the effect of relaxation. After everyone sports consciousness appeared a lot of massage guns, but there are still a lot of not used to massage the gun does not know how to use it correctly, to stiff muscles relax release! Then the next with Lao wang and see it. Massage the principle of gun: muscle has its certain thickness in, if only by hand massage, unless the strength is very big, otherwise it is difficult to go into the deep muscles. Massage gun using the principle of vibration, effectively push the strength to deep muscle flap, to achieve the effect of relaxation. Also because the frequency of the vibration effects, with the hand massage may need a few hours, use massage might be just a few minutes, you can relax. Although say massage gun can quickly reach muscle relaxation, use but must pay attention to several points, without proper use, may have the opposite effect. The following is important to note when using massage gun! ! ! 1, pay attention to the massage strength size gun is designed more = its purpose on adjusting the strength size, person of the body's many muscle group, there are big muscles, small muscle group, there is no question of big muscle group with strong way, but if the muscle group strength is too large, it may cause damage. Also note that the massage time not too long, too long not to relax, instead will give greater burden muscles. 2, pay attention to the timing sometimes muscle soreness massage can good, that are not caused by excessive use of muscle inflammation massage gun is not suitable for use, should be to relieve muscle force condition, in accordance with the professional coach instructions ice/hot pack is the best policy. 3, pay attention to the use of parts in addition to the above mentioned large muscle groups and small muscle group, if you want to use in the joints and the head, more attention should be paid to these places of nerve distribution is relatively dense, if in the wrong place or use undeserved, may cause danger, serious to paralysis. So when used in this a few parts, it is recommended that first ask professional guidance personnel use way is the best method. There is now a lot of massage guns in the instruction manual of a ban would massage guns used in the sensitive parts of the body, especially for girls! - 。 - ! ! 4, the choice of not all guns attached head massage massage head is suitable for use, in not clear pain conditions, it is recommended to use round head massage, if you use too sharp again according to the wrong place, may cause sequelae. So when using other massage head shape, please be sure to ask professionals use. Method of use: massage guns in view of the different parts of the massage time will be a little different, small muscle group suggest massage time is 3 minutes, big muscle group suggested time is 5 minutes, massage massage parts by ache when they moved to relieve it, do not overuse. If after a massage if you are unwell, please immediately go to a doctor, in order to ensure their own safety. Stretching stretching or very be necessary: the best relaxation or brace, get muscle stretching appropriately, is the most effective training! Every time in training, during the break between the groups, it is better to do a brace of action, not only moderately relaxing the muscles and out of line will be better! Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide in use should pay attention to several 2)
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