Massage gun how to choose and buy when should pay attention to?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-25
Many consumers do not know what brand of good massage gun, let me what kind of massage and introduce the gun good massage and how to choose and buy a gun. 1, quality: if quiet operation is an important index, good massage guns must be a quiet voice. The noise big massage guns must be mechanical structure is rough, quality not good. Not doubt this. Massage 2, movement: high quality machine gun general prices are higher, but not necessarily high market prices are good movement. All metal movement cost is higher, trouble-free running more than 3600 hours, plastic machine cost is low, trouble-free running time 600 hours. Means that the former do not give an issue with at least five years, the latter a year may be a problem. 3, computer control: not a colored light controller is really is a computer control, computer control is input in advance the program of simulated massage expert, can automatic checking out each person body again, and then computing out when a specific person massage, let a person feel accurate thoroughly. 4, stroke, stroke is refers to the gun back massaging machine walking under the scope of the massage to head down to the caudal vertebra, wide scope of massage is better than the smaller range, small range must be to save the cost, because the former lifting mechanism with high rigidity, the latter with general drinks. This brand is worth to believe that a lot of techniques and materials are of international standard. What kind of massage gun effect is better? I give my parents buy massage guns, my father said with very comfortable. You can see, 5000 within a haunted no effect oh, usually around 1 w is useful, those thousands of advertising seems to be very good, nothing more than a dozen, in fact, massage gun you in what city is the most attention, massage gun belongs to high consumption products. After-sales is very important, so it's best to choose in their own city of choose and buy, those who say the warranty is virtual, is a problem after you got this the phone, then how many working days, and so on, such as nearby would be simple, after-sale protection on-call maintenance, etc. For more massage gun related knowledge, please baidu search massage small gun to pay! !
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