Massage gun household is the trend of The Times

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
When you are unconsciously in inferior health, still think the exclusive massage gun is the old? Has realized the significance of massage, is the small family can be put under the huge massage gun? For these consumers concerned about the topic of, a reporter recently interviewed spinoza health, head of the science and technology of the total, he said, massage the individuation that gun besides can provide comfortable massage, but also has a perfect appearance modelling, and combined with sofa, shape of household is massage gun of the trend of The Times. Reporter: massage in the gun is a family to decorate, furniture, indispensable software products, many consumers believe that massage gun is the rich and the elderly supplies, to this, how do you see? In total: at present, consumer awareness of massage guns still exist the following error: a, a lot of young people around the age of 30 think, oneself still young, there is no need to use guns, massage massage gun is elderly people; Second, many young people believe that sports and massage can be substituted for two things, if the regular exercise, muscle joints are remain vigorous, don't need a massage; Three, many can receive massage, massage using guns people tend to think, to massage the more the better, actually otherwise, the Chinese emphasize 'single point', any parts of the body pain massage, only through the whole body system can achieve is the ease and treatment. Reporter: massage guns and leather sofa in appearance and function have some similarities, then massage gun and sofa design can 'together'? In total: indeed, now house prices high, small family become home buyers, decorate a budget are stretched. How to make massage sofa and gun 'together' is a lot of young owner wants, let young people can have beautiful furniture, can enjoy healthy massage again, and we are actively developing direction. Massage massage gun household, is to make the gun from color and appearance, can easily skillfully combined with home, and not appear abrupt. Next up: massage on the working principle of a gun: massage experience gun itself is more important
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