Massage gun has what function?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Massage in the mall gun market prices frequently tens of thousands of yuan, even have some cheaper ones to 6, 7000 yuan, for many of us development massage can buy a gun is a lot of spending. But massage guns would be able to have the effect really, people in different countries have different opinions, some students think they did improve the activity of your body, relax the body, have a rest, others think that the function of most of our massage gun design is through merchant's stunt, in fact is not obvious effect, pay big money to buy massage gun to have the effect of mental health to the body? Massage the function of the gun is to the body massage, in general, whether it is which brand of massage gun products, there are some general features, such as: kneading massage: massage gun equipped with most of the mechanical arm, kneading, refers to the pressure, and other functions of the manual simulation massage, can the subject ( Mainly the back) Some muscle to imitate the way of hand massage relaxation massage, also can adjust the intensity and mixing of different ways, and focus on the key position of massage. Swinging massage: massage gun design can wrap the body with general use up, implementation system of the machine easily swing pattern, let the body not completely relax. Percussion: hand-simulated massage, percussion, can gently taps can be deep, particularly suited to the designated parts of the back and percussion, realize the muscle relaxation, and strengthen the circulation of the blood. 。 Heat function: used for back, waist, legs and feet position, such as by heat the health effects of the heating, the highest temperature not to exceed 45 degrees, in order to protect the thermal relaxation effect, but not caused by excessive physical stimulation with heat. Brace function: there are some massage gun with a brace of Thai massage function, can effectively stretching to the student body circumstance, take full advantage of relaxed ourselves back, leg muscle, relieve patients muscle soreness and other issues. These features have all sorts of massage gun basically, these function mainly reflects in which parts of the body? ? Back: the back part of the gun massaging directly. When the gun body lying on the massage, many massage function directly aimed at the back muscles, operation by kneading, slapping, percussion, such as hot on the back massage the omni-directional, your back relaxing. Massage waist: gun products are mostly in a waist position is fixed or support, through the massage of the waist and stretch, can effectively relieve patients with lumbar pain and discomfort. Legs: thigh part connected with the back into a line, with the same function can be realized to relax, and massage for the leg part adopt package, to fix the leg package, by kneading, stretching, etc on the leg part full massage and relax, relieve the strain on the leg muscles. 。 Foot, foot massage on foot main realization, the fixed foot also use a package, use kneading, heating and other ways of massage, plus some foot roller massage foot types of soles, so relax your feet and legs. Massage a gun is not cheap, useful person can say it is to be able to effectively relieve students experiencing discomfort state of your body, especially our one night to use 20, 30 minutes a day can not completely let yourself for the body to relax, and some users will feel spent money is not much use, after all, each of them the physical development of the different aspects, even with the massage function, but also can only do the superficial surface massage, can not meet the enterprise real muscle expedite blood circulation. Objectively speaking, massage gun relief is effective to the body, use no more than 30 minutes a day, can realize the body relax, eliminate fatigue, but if you want to rely on it to alleviate some of back, leg stubborn diseases, such as back pain, calf strain, don't expect too much, have the disease or to regular medical treatment does not believe that propaganda, if there are some diseases can't use massage gun body, therefore, massage gun useful but don't expect it can achieve the function of the treatment.
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