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Massage gun give your some relief

Massage gun give your some relief


Massage is one of the best ways to relax your muscles, whether you are an athlete, a fitness enthusiast or someone prone to back pain, consider massage guns if you do not want to go to a massage shop or to soothe your muscles at home.It can help relieve pain and tension by quickly hitting muscles, it helps to target specific pain points, which muscle pain, relieve muscle pain.So do you know how the massage gun works and what you need?

Massage gun relaxation principle

The massage gun principle comes from Deep Muscle Stimulation Therapy (deep muscle stimulator,DMS) is an effective method introduced from the United States in treating soft tissue pain, through mechanical vibration acting on deep muscle tissue, stimulate its proprioceptive function, and then play an effective role in relieving muscle tension, thus achieving the purpose of pain relief.Deep muscle stimulator maximum 3600 vibration / min, depth of 20~60mm straight hit the lesion, effectively relax muscle spasm and can be used when you cramp.After the fitness exercise, the muscles have a tight feeling, and the muscle connection will be relatively tight, just like the muscles are fastened in a place. When the muscles want to hold open, there is not only pain, but also a sense of restraint.The role of the fascia gun is to spread the tight muscle fascia shock, so that there is not the sense of restraint after the fitness exercise, the stretching of the muscle will be more comfortable.

Can massage guns relax muscle soreness

First, understand why the muscles ache.When the fitness exercise, the muscles are out of tension, causing the enhancement of metabolic activity, when the muscle metabolic activity increases, it will produce metabolites, we often say that lactic acid is like this, the production of metabolites will cause muscle pain cells, such pain will make the muscle continue to shrink, leading to tissue ischemia.Damaged myofibroblast cells cause ischemia and lead to insufficient supply of ATP, which is not conducive to local circulation; on the other hand, they will reduce the oxygen supply of muscle fiber tissue, aggravate the injury of muscle fiber to form a vicious circle, and eventually produce the metabolic crisis of energy.Metabolic crisis will form multiple tension muscle fibers to form tension cables, causing exciting pain points.Sometimes our muscle soreness is not the whole muscle damage, it is likely that the whole muscle soreness is caused by a nodule in the middle of the muscle.Through the vibration of the high frequency position to disperse the muscle tension, reduce the accumulation of lactic acid, you will feel very relaxed in this process, the fascia gun is very suitable for the relaxation of the large muscles, but if it is for the nodules in the muscle, small exciting pain points, professional treatment is more safe.

Notes for the use of the massage gun

1. massage guns are used to relax muscles, bones like elbow, knee, head and back of the hand can not use massage guns to relax, such use is like hitting your bone, will cause very great pressure on the bones and tendons.

2., like our neck, where large arteries are present, under the armpit, the abdominal cavity and other places close to the blood vessels and organs, can not be hit with massage guns.

3.The massage gun use time is not the longer the better, it is recommended that the average use time is about 10 minutes.

4. does not recommend you to try the personally modified massage gun. You have no way to guarantee the safety of your modified manual version of the massage gun, and can not be guaranteed by safety.


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