Massage gun effect big resolution! Good massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-20
Massage gun is now a lot of people exercise, after exercise to relax muscle fascia of choice, but after all, massage gun prices higher than general massage roller or fascia massage ball very much, it's exactly what are the advantages? Today this article is to resolve this kind of popular massage device with the difference of other massage products, we can according to individual relax equipment needed to select the most suitable for you! Principle of the so-called gun massaging the gun and massage can be called a gun, the main principle is through the high frequency vibration, stimulate the fascia, promote the blood circulation or remove muscle taut. Many people think that exercise, muscle aches, more and more tightly, on behalf of the better results, muscle is generated; In fact, long-term poor posture or movement may cause body inflammatory reaction, make the fascia with pleurodesis, narrowed the Angle of physical activity, the cause of pain, so after exercise training must be appropriate massage, help speed up metabolism, maintain muscle elasticity sore. Massage gun advantages ❶ vibration training, high-frequency ease ache vibration has analgesic effect, reduce chronic pain, increase the pain threshold. 50 - 150 hz frequency effect is good, stochastic resonance can be induced further more deep core muscle group. ❷ portable, how can according to the biggest advantage is a people think massage gun, because be hand-held, so you can massage everywhere, not like a drum used to spread the yoga mat on the floor, or massage ball when looking for wall protection, and size can be put into bags, usually taken to the gym or outdoors travel is OK. Massage gun, roller, massage ball to choose who good massage gun, roller, massage ball actually has its own advantages, fully see everybody's preferences and habits, but the massage depth, or massage guns slightly better! Massage gun range/size of the muscle group all apply, more difficult to press to piriformis, size circle muscle also can be a single point to relax highest price/convenience/carrying convenient, everywhere can press, but must charge massage roller range/small muscle group for price/convenience/large size can't over packet carries, the floor is better to use massage ball scope/output area is small, single point relaxation low price/convenience/very good carrying, people should contribute more tired massage gun out ─ iron man gun after reading the above massaging the gun after the introduction, we are going to out of the box a at the end of last year has triggered hot search HUEIYEH ( ) Massage guns, iron man lifted a topic while listed style, really very not good? Iron man speed gun vibration massage, appearance design is soaked in the design of the official authorization, MARVEL the iron man classic red, golden color, senior paint mist metallic luster have qualitative feeling very much. A look at carefully, and even Tony Stark's signature massage head combination from out of the box you can see, massage gun attached seven detachable massage head, each kind of function is different, Please refer to the manual) , especially the silver aluminum alloy shape massage head, different from the plastic, can relax into a deeper pain points, very suitable for frequent heavy training groups. Chest massage if it's chest, back and hip big muscle group, with the most common round head massage, the best effect. Leg massage in practice the squat, deadlift, thighs back before a certain, often feel pain, then change to flat massage head, best results. Three kinds of massage mode, four file variable frequency vibration based on the intensity difference, gun arranged three relaxation massage pattern ─ R, M, F and four gear frequency vibration R fascia relax ( Slow mode) Moderate exercise (m. Rapid relief) F strength movement ( Ease use) 1 reverse awakens the relax muscle fascia band 2 3 4 defeat decomposition profile deep massage to just go to the gym is measured, the day before feeling obvious M, F model, transmission speed can be arranged in 2 ~ 4 is inductive. High frequency but mute, play is not interfere with the iron man massage gun is a highly efficient brushless motor, lasting stability as a whole. Best of all, although the high frequency vibration, but almost silent, I chase play while see, do not use your computer volume is particularly big. Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide effect big resolution! Good massage gun? 1)
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