Massage gun crash failures, how to do?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
We also know that the function of massage gun has a lot of, like this period of time of insomnia. Lying on the massage the gun is can change the sleep disorder problem. Indirectly increase the body immunity. So after mechanical with long are prone to different problems. Like the card machine, such as noise. Today is to introduce, massage card machine gun in operation happen how to deal with? Under the specific learning quickly. Massage guns have two upper and lower limit, robots can walk massage according to the orbit. After so long time, the switch spring deformation due to different kinds happen, then the electrical signal can't communicate properly to the movement. Massage the gun will not start. The deformation of this kind of situation need to reed correction back to back to normal. Remember to do a good job cleaning and maintenance. In order to avoid too many dust. At the same time pay attention to use time. If have their own processing fault condition. Can be directly linked to business to handle in time. Has become a very comfortable life after a shot the massage, we have also seen a massage gun industry's rapid development, now there are a lot of massage gun brand on the market, sales are quite considerable. Massage gun using small fault problems over time are common, this time don't try so hard, the first to check what causes, and then make corresponding repair can work normally. Gun maintenance massaging the gun fault and maintenance methods of 1, 2 wheels and the friction sound, when people sit on it, the noise of the 3, massage massage movements, as well as rolling voice 4 gun knock voice 5, sit to the sound of a gun on 6, massaging the gun pump buzzing sound 7, a sudden stop in massage action, can see if massage time has arrived for 15 minutes. Yangjiang massage gun manufacturer told you above all belong to normal look at a simple breakdown maintenance: 1, a sudden stop in the process of using massage ball massage ball in use because of stress, in order to guarantee the safety of massage ball could automatically stop. That at this time, we should give massage gun power shut down, open the retry again after 10 seconds. 2 don't work, massage gun to confirm whether the power plug plug, plug, press the remote control to open the key, open the automatic mode or manual mode for testing. 3, back of a chair or leg massager is not a foreign body blocks may be returned to the original position properly reset, please check the massage gun using the environment after the operation. Next article: why do home massage gun staggering price difference? The previous: capsule massage gun, with the interpretation of science and technology human nature design!
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