Massage gun can thin leg muscles?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-30
Physical exercise whether people have worried about the long-term jogging exercises will make excessive strong legs, and loss of artistic beauty, massage guns in detail, see the gym coach wants to know massage gun can thin leg muscles? In fact, massage gun just can relax after exercise, do not have thin legs. But many people after the exercise, because too many central nervous excitement, cause muscle or euphoria when static, without get relaxed and rashin, calf muscles will be in great force have been raised, looks very strong. In after exercise often use gun of calf massage to relax, and moderate to tensile, can make the calf muscles of wire frame is more and more gentle, looks like a calf thin come down. Objective fact is that muscle massage is not due to the application of gun and thin, because massage is just a gun using the principle of vibration through the muscle fascia deep relaxation of machinery and equipment, suitable exercise after massage and ordinary peacetime relaxation of physics application. Its efficacy is based on the vibration of 3200 times per minute (struck, more than relax muscle and fascia's own cushion, massage gun configuration of four kinds of massage head, needle in different position to carry out the massage, quickly relieve muscle ache and muscle stiffness, relieve muscle fatigue, accelerate the blood circulation system. In view of the girl would not overly strong, after the exercise, the calf muscles in irregular small article or funicular hard, after massage to relax and rashin of moderate is hard is removed from the calf muscles in the body massage, prompted the muscle line long and beautiful. Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide can thin leg muscles? 1)
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