Massage gun buying guide

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-16
1 - Massage the gun and the Internet. Each massage gun has its own 'personality', in order to get the best joint degree and effect, the size of the need to adapt your chair, shape and sensitivity level. Were just why it's best to try before buying, but if for some reason can not try, please before buying to really understand the massage gun market of qualified professionals. 2 - Where can I buy a massage gun retailers usually match each other quotation, so in most cases, you can get the same discount in any place. Excited to buy massage guns often overlooked thing is service, and you will trust will provide for you when you need to honesty, quality of service. This includes delivery, assembly and massage once the gun into your home after the possibility of any problems, including massage once a gun is beyond the scope of the warranty. Like any other industry, service quality in the lands will be different, the service quality will affect the service life of its service life or massage gun. On the reputation of the service to whom are you going to buy some study, will be one of you can to make the best investment of time. 3 - Gun quality you buy massaging the gun will see large price changes, and the sounds are great when reading them. Most look similar, but there is a huge difference in the following aspects: a) Mechanical design. b) The quality of the components used in the construction process. c) The quality of the massage itself. After the size of the chair and fabric, gasket, roller mechanism and the quality of the roller will affect the quality of the massage. Mechanical parts and electronic equipment will determine the quality of the massage gun can use how long before the need to repair. Then is the quality of the company itself, and their delivery, the progress of the maintenance and warranty issues. Like anything else, you will get all the payment. 4 - S - Track or L - 跟踪, What kind of chair is more suitable for you? Theoretically, the S - The advantage of Track is Stretch than L - program Track more effective. S - Track the back of a chair is separated from the seat of the component, larger the area of the movement of the seat and back. That being said, has better stretchability ( S or L) Massage a gun to a large extent depends on the specific model you want to compare. L - Track is that the advantages of the roller mechanism of longer range, can move at the bottom of the seat, and can relax the muscles and connective tissue. L track also have a Stretch program, accomplished the task they do, but according to different models, the drawing may not be extended to S orbit, because the back of a chair and seat is a single component. This is another reason why, why do you want to try before buying. 5 - 2 D, 3 D or 4 D when we talk about the D value, refers to the methods used to adjusted the intensity of roller. 2 d - The model through the use of gravity and your weight and by changing the position of the back of a chair to adjust intensity of roller. The farther the chair leaning back, the higher the strength of the roller massage, because your body weight more to fall on a wheel. 3 d - Real 3 d massage gun is through the manual adjustment function on the remote control to the ability to transfer out of roller and roller track. Which can provide the best roller intensity adjustment, at the same time, the position of the chair in you the most comfortable position! 4 d - The real 3 d massage gun and there is no difference between 4 d massage gun. A few years ago, 'D & # 39; S 'increased all massage gun standards regulating function, namely the roller speed adjustment, so that the 3 d massage guns into 4 d. Please note: due to the pressure to adjust air pressure massage, some companies will be marked as 3 d, 2 d chair so please be careful! Please note: it says on the remote control 'strength' or 'strength' button usually control speed of roller. 6 - Save a space when you buy massage gun, the important thing to remember is that, once installed, you massage in gun behind space will be very big. Some chairs behind its need 20 'space, in order to make full tilt chair. Save a space much less demand, according to different models, the distance can save wall distance of about 1 inch. 7 - Your massage gun budget if you are considering to buy high quality massage gun, but feel it is impossible to spend thousands of dollars, please calculate the total cost of the current therapies, and spend much time to drive to and from their home, waiting. With the cost of massage therapy in the home and convenience. You may find that buying high quality massage gun can actually pay.
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