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by:SUNGPO     2020-08-29
Today brings special massage gun fire brand - long time 。 Remember seen on variety of massage gun, recently, she with her goods 9 degrees massage a gun and made the fire out. As an emerging fitness equipment brand, its elliptical machine, spinning in electric business platform sales performance is very good, although into massage gun market relatively late, but with the network and variety shows, live, the well-known sports brand FLOW cooperation, visibility and sales rising, the rich product line too. Massage a gun with a total of seven models, covers the low-end market, the price is in 400 - 1400 yuan between. One thousand yuan of above model with 9 degrees and MR Under MR - 1529, one thousand yuan 1521年,先生- 1526、MR- And MR - 1527 1528. 9 degrees is the most proud of the product, in the hardware configuration and a lot of work. Products with imported chips and motor, tesla with panasonic lithium batteries, overall performance. In addition to the internal configuration, 9 degrees appearance is exquisite, the same body is aluminium alloy, handle is made of silica gel, hand feel is good, price is 1399 yuan. This is a popular variety 'it! Is hip-hop Ⅱ 'joint customization, high heat, but also won the 2019 Tmall double massage gun item 11 in the world. But the most valuable is MR - massage gun 1528, although nothing special, but the overall feeling is, the lowest price 549 yuan. Supplement: in Jane wrote of a mainstream massage gun review article: - Billed as the brand ( The actual for Hangzhou company, Hangzhou Yunrui Trading Co. ) , and this is the street dance in the ali fish cooperation of authorization, the raise was an instant hit, but advertising is greater than the product, the actual use effect can only say that in general. Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide brand: 2)
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