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by:SUNGPO     2020-09-02
Science and technology in intelligent body fat scale started with 'good' and by novel design concept won many awards at home and abroad, then brand gradually into other fitness areas. Massage guns recognition degree is high, the fuselage smooth lines, unlike other massage gun generally rigid, between different types of forms, apparently in the design and the kung fu. But a lot of design cost and small endowment the brand essence of massage in a 1000 - gun price 2000 yuan of that range, compared with other domestic brands, price is not too high. There are PD, PB, SC three massage gun, three models are equipped with 4 massage head, excluding air cushion. PD, the strongest performance, more suitable for more than a PB bodybuilders 4, 5, price is close to 2000 yuan. SC is equivalent to the battery capacity reduction of PB version, but the application of glass fiber material, more high-grade, so the price is higher, nearly 1200 yuan. Massage gun more recommend price 900 yuan in PB, material guileless, do manual work is qualified, the strength is enough, and PB is a period of time before Mr Luo live with goods that one, interested friends can go [ Mr Luo live in selling what brand of massage gun? ] See a see questions and answers. PD is not recommended, because of its high-grade struck a slight lack of experience. 1 - 2 gear strength gentle, noise control is better, 3 gear strength slightly increased, suitable for general degree of relaxation exercises. But the gears up to 4 - After a 5-speed, noise rise abruptly, and increased frequency of no deep into the muscles again at the same time, superficial, even with red marks on the skin. And caused the light weight, only 0. 9 kg, high-grade gun when they feel is very strong, poor stability, has the feeling of shake, as direct purchase only three gears of PB. There is a little more fatal problem is the problem of massage gun cooling, before pharaoh said in the article, 'detect the stand or fall of a massage gun, must be looking at whether to have the cooling device, the product not is play rascal'. Saw on the PD models of heat dissipation, but there is no ventilation holes on the SC and PB and the emergence of! Supplement: the brand is a member of the millet ecological, the brand's design feeling is definitely the best massage all gun brand, light, feel is also very good, is feeling a little the meaning of 'go the', '' said the massage a gun cooling in addition to the motor is heat dissipation problem, heat dissipation is not good causes a crash or unstable. In one thousand yuan of above, on the whole, quality is general, massage the gun does not fit on the quality of the price, but do not break its location may be embarrassing. Recommended models: massage massage reprint please indicate the gun Pro, Basic: massage massage gun gun guide brand: 1)
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