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massage gun beat for you

massage gun beat for you


What is a massage gun?Massage gun, also known as a deep muscle fascia shock instrument, the massage gun is a special tool for soft tissue rehabilitation, which uses high frequency shock to relax the soft tissue of the body. The massage gun can be interpreted as a civilian version of the DMS(Electric Deep Muscle Stimulator), when the vibration frequency changes, basically about the same function as DMS. The massage gun is an effective method to treat soft tissue pain introduced from overseas, stimulating its propriosensory function, thus playing the function of effectively relaxing muscles and realizing the vision of analgesia.

Massage is important for our recovery because tight muscles cause those aches and pains.With the right percussion massage, you recover faster and get out of pain quicker.Sungpo massage gun have always been selling well.

This massage gun uses 100-240v/50-60Hz DC Adapter input,12w-35w wattage and DC 24v 1 A voltage.Charging time need 3hours and working time is 5-8hours.The power is 20-58Hz,vibration modes is 20stops(1200-3200/min) and the gear can be changed.It has two colors,black and silver gray.MUC intelligent charging management and NTC three wire charging control can prevent power waste and power shortage caused by fuselage shaking,reduce wear and heat,realize stable braking and free retraction.

Use PC alloy surface,strong toughness,no static electricity,excellent handle.Patent design turbine cooling system. The turbine grid heat dissipation network is adopted to reduce the heat during the operation of the machine,improve the power performance and prolong the service life of the motor.One touch control humanized relaxation experience.Press the key to complete all operations,no need to ask for help,one hand can independently complete massage operation.

The features of our product is 1. 20 Adjustable speed Level with indicator touch LED screen ,2. HD digital display touch screen ,3. 4-6 kinds of replacement massage head ,4. The appearance of the product is coated with a layer of feel oil carbon fiber material which allows you to hold it more comfortable ,5. Brushless noise reduction motor, the working db is about 65db ,6. The battery passed IMSDS certification(US regulations, British regulations european regulations) ,7. 15 Minutes automatic timing function ,8. Imported bearings ,9. Zhuoneng original lithium battery 18650,10. Product will stop working automatically to protect the device if  under great resistance.


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