Massage gun: at home can also fitness massage

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-19
Sports, fitness atmosphere that occupy the home more and more popular in recent years, some sports equipment companies have launched for personal exercise, good receive sports and ease the equipment, at home can moderate exercise and massage muscles, help to improve its immunity, do not have to be forced to discontinue motion planning. By a pair of husband and wife love sports brand was launched in 2009, their design, including flywheel, three universal machine, the squat exercise training on a stationary bike, relaxed curve machine home exercise equipment such as diversity, then get on the Internet many netizens love home fitness, success of sales to overseas markets such as South Korea. And is used in the sport after the soothing calm, relax certain muscles massage equipment with massage guns, more play the fitness of the good helper that occupy the home, because of no more than a kilogram weight, operation is simple, and light metal shell is quite fashionable, especially liked by fitness ethnic and women. Massage a gun can help do deep massage muscles, and easy to use, especially after the different movement situation, with gun tie-in and different shapes of massage head, massage can relieve swelling of the various parts of the body and body tight, such as the big ball is mainly used in the arms, legs and other large muscle groups; Bullet especially for the deep fascia tissue relaxation, etc. , so it can replace a variety of massage equipment, is close to a year in the sport to discuss one of the most warm home exercise equipment. Actually massage after the gun is not only confined to the function of sports to use, they said, like a general sedentary or long the station office worker, and the housework busy housewife, also can work through the gun massaging the neck to eliminate fatigue. For outdoor activities or travel abroad, even on a business trip, if put the massage gun in the exclusive receive a box, can easily carry too won't occupy a space, very suitable for family use. Recommended by handheld massager when it comes to popular sentiment characteristic, mainly because of its unique appearance design '7' word, use up effortlessly, also don't need others to help themselves to the massage usually difficult to touch the back and hips. In addition, there are five sections in function intensity frequency conversion design, convenient for the user sees itself needs to adjust, adjust to the high number of revolutions, and almost no noise, don't bother other people, even if the epidemic prevention during the inconvenience to go out to massage, also can be used at home. Massage gun range on the market, industry, points out that when choosing a massage gun, it is important to pay special attention to the equipment will not be too heavy, the grip is accord with human body engineering, and using for a long time will not cause the problem such as hand hemp, otherwise not only not solve muscle soreness, might cause bodily injury. In addition, some massage gun structure bearing, connecting rod without finishing processing, as long as the gun speed vibration, the massage will be annoying noise, equipment and easy to wear. Moderate exercise can help improve their immunity, and even for fear of confined Spaces on the risk of infection and dare not the gym, but the good habit of exercise can't interrupt, home gym, massage that occupy the home of the trend is rising. Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide: at home can also fitness massage 3)
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