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massage gun

massage gun


Due by the accumulation of lactic acid and the destruction of muscle microstructure,people generally have muscle soreness 12-48 hours after exercise,which we call delayed ,muscle soreness,mainly due to the proper stretching and massage of the body muscles before and after exercise,so usually we must remember to relax our muscle and muscles.If we feel too tired to move again,we can also use the massage gun.

Recently,the company issued a mini massage gun for women,small and convenient,suitable for carrying,and moderate strike strength.For office workers,treasure mothers or like sports and fitness women,are a good choice.There is charcoal gray,gradually change purple,gradually change power,color with you pick.Small can be put into pockets,travel,can be carried around the office

The massage gun uses material that ABS,could withstand falling and is hard to damage.The battery capacity is 2000 mAh,with strong power storage capacity and long service life.Rated voltage is 12v,Rated voltage is 12v,Rated speed is 100-240v/60hz,vibration modes has 5 gears,can adjust any gear;engineering design,delicate appearance.strong comfort in the hand;type-c fast charging.There are four massage heads,to meet the massage of different parts of the body;the work sound is less than 45 decibels,will not disturb others’ rest or noise.Having this massage gun allows you to exercise,and relax.

Direct benefits of using the massage guns:

Fascia relaxation can effectively comb the muscle fascia,stretch and reduce muscle friction,which is of great help to both joint mobility and muscle ductility.Improve sympathetic excitability,make muscles easier to work,for obvious warm-up effect before exercise.

Avoid being “too robust”,especially for women who love sports,releasing these extra excitement through fascia relaxation and letting the muscles recover quickly.

Relieve pain,deep hitting,promote blood circulation and open collaterals,is conducive to the accumulation of lactic acid elimination.

With the dynamic extension before training,static extension after training,let the boy’s muscles are more full,the girl’s lines are more stylish.

A massage gun in hand,whether you are a coach or a sports enthusiast,can show your professionalism and temperament.

Home with a massage gun to parents a motorcycle,is also a way to improve happiness.

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