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massage gun


Many people have questions: "A fascia gun that sells for thousands of dollars, is it an IQ tax?" Is it necessary to buy a fascia gun? To answer these questions, we must first figure out what is a fascia? What does it do? What will happen to it?

Explained: Fascia is a layer of dense connective tissue that runs through the body, which surrounds muscles, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. The fascia is divided into several layers, called superficial fascia, deep fascia, and visceral fascia. They extend continuously through the body up and down.

The main function of the fascia gun is the myofascial membrane. It is generally believed that the fascia is a structure that passively transmits mechanical tension. Some studies suggest that the fascia can contract independently, so it can affect the mechanical properties of muscles. Myofascial membrane can also reduce muscle friction, allowing muscles to slide between muscles. After the exercise, although the muscles are in a static state, due to the excessive excitement of the sympathetic nerves, the muscles are still tense, resulting in a sense of fatigue, which in turn leads to fascia adhesion and affects muscle recovery. The fascia gun uses the principle of mechanics to transmit force to the deep fascia through high-frequency vibration to achieve a relaxing effect, help muscle and soft tissue recovery, promote blood circulation, effectively dissipate a large amount of creatine produced by exercise, relieve fatigue, and solve the above fascia problem. The above effects can also be achieved by stretching, and also with low-priced foam shafts. Of course, the effect of the fascia gun will be better.

Is the fascia gun useful?

Fascia gun has a certain effect on relaxing muscles, because fascia gun is mainly used for high frequency impact therapy of fascia relaxation. Compared with the foam rollers we use daily to relax, the fascia gun relaxes the muscles and fascia more deeply and accurately.

The principle of the fascia gun?

Fascia gun, full name muscle fascia relaxation massage gun, uses the principle of muscle resonance to strike and vibrate deep muscle tissue, thereby accelerating blood circulation, alleviating pain, and speeding up recovery after injury.

How to use the fascia gun?

First, before starting the massage, make sure you start vibrating. Follow the direction of your muscles when using it, so remember the anatomy of your muscles. Then choose a different tip according to your relaxed posture. Our principle is to push slowly, such as doing more than a dozen movements, and the distance between each movement is very small.

Advantages of fascia gun

1. It has the functions of relaxing muscles, promoting blood circulation, dredging collaterals, and massage, and does not require professional and technical personnel. 2. High-frequency oscillation can directly penetrate deep skeletal muscles, relax the skeletal muscles instantly, and dredge the blood vessels of the meridians and nerves.

3. It can effectively prevent the skin of the masseur's hands from contacting the patient's skin and avoid contact skin diseases.

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