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Massage Gun SP-MG-002

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Massage Gun SP-MG-002

Massage Gun SP-MG-002

Material: ABS

Battery: 2400mAh (6 batteries) 18650 power lithium battery

Motor: 24V Brushless high-torque motor

Amplitude: 9.42mm (customizable: 12mm)

Noise(db): ≤65db

DC Adapter input: 100-240V/50-60Hz

Wattage: 12W-35W

Voltage: DC 24V

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Muscle Fascia Massage Gun

Absorbed · Focus on sports rehabilitation industry



What is fascia massage gun that popular in EU & US?

The fascia is a very important tissue that wraps muscles and tandem bones and internal organs. Exercise and long-term bad posture often cause us to suffer from soreness and even muscle breakage.


Over time, sticky joints causemuscle and bone pain. The fascia massage gun passes the high-frequency vibration and proper massage stroke to make the muscles active, reduce the adhesion and nodules between the muscles and the fascia, relieve fatigue and prevent sports injuries.

Muscle Fascia Massage Gun  VIDEO

Professional Equipment, Easy Operation

Digital display   

● Touch Screen

● 20 speed adjustable

● 5 stage x4 gear

● Muscle awakening

● Fascia relaxation

● Decompose lactic acid

● Deep massage

● Professional mode


Professional sports shock wave massager


20S x 3times
Refused to fatigue, 1 minute to awaken

Professional sports shock wave massager

20S x 3times
Refused to fatigue, 1 minute to awaken


Rapid recovery Relax Easy


The fascia gun stimulates the soft tissue through deep and powerful vibration stimulation, relaxes the fascia and stiff muscle groups, accelerates the rapid spread of blood circulation, eliminates the lactic acid produced after exercise, and greatly shortens muscle recovery time.


Various massage heads

Ergonomics, Four massage heads, Different muscle groups, Use handy


Spherical head

Applicable: Large muscle groups such as the waist and back of the thigh and the calf.

Cylinder head

Applicable: Deep tissue, such as meridian joint palm sole.

U-shaped head

Application: Cervical spine.

Flat head

Application: Relaxation and plasticity of various parts.

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