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A recent relaxation artifact is popular in the fitness circle, that is the "massage gun", from 3,000 to hundreds of pieces now.An essential part of exercise, in addition to relieve the fatigue of high intensity exercise, relax muscles, can also give muscles a full rest, reduce pain.Before the massage gun came out, there was a lot of relaxed equipment, the foam shaft is undoubtedly more classic, and the previous massage ball.These relaxed equipment need to control their own way, most people feel not in place, muscles will still have tension.The popularity of massage guns is that it relies on a strong sense of vibration to relax their muscles, and many people also think that buying fascia guns will appear more professional.

Whether the massage gun is used, whether it is worth buying, today let's discuss together.

The full name of the fascia gun is the "muscle fascia relaxation massage gun". Its internal high-speed motor is used to drive the "massage head" to produce a high-frequency vibration effect to the deep muscle layer, so as to reduce local tissue tension, relieve pain, promote blood circulation and so on.

The first massage gun is in rehabilitation treatment (DMS), which is designed to relax the fascia and relax the stiff muscles.The machine at the time was an imported all-metal tool similar to the asphalt road, making some plastic every too long until the shape of a gun.

Use for massage gun

1. Massage guns are used to relax muscles, the bones like elbow, knee, head and back of the hand can not be used to relax, such use is like hitting your bones, will cause very great pressure on the bones and tendons.

2. Like our neck where large arteries are present, under the armpit, abdominal cavity and other places close to the blood vessels and organs can not be used with the massage gun to strike.

3. The massage gun is not used longer than the better. It is recommended that the average use time is about 10 minutes.

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